Saturday, April 26, 2008

One of the few reasons that I didn't mind the cold weather is that I get to wear a jacket, which is a good way to hide my ever present junk food gut. Its probably not that big of a deal - I'm at the playground now and a lot of dads have the same spare tire that I do. So I'm in the right company. I was wearing my jacket today when I caught sight of myself in the mirror, and realized that the jacket wasn't working, I was just a fat guy in a leather jacket. Good thing my dating days are behind me.

We decided to get prescription glasses today, snce lenscrafters had a 130 dollar sunglasses deal. And even though the asterisk did warn, and I did expect a higher cost due to the strength of my prescription, I did not expect that our total cost coming out of there to be 600 bucks. So I'm a tad grouchy. Just a smidgen.


Finally, my overtime debacle is over and I am, at least temporarily, human again. Having worked 60 hours last week, 52 hours this week, including my 12 and a half hours yesterday, I went into a self induced coma last night and slept about 10 hours. I was just dog tired last night after being on my feet for 12 hours.

This morning when I woke up next to my wife and said my first words, she said immediately, "There's my husband." Evidently when I'm tired, I become a completely different entity.

So while waiting for my phat paycheck next friday, we are busy making plans to spend every dime we've earned. Bunk beds, new clothes, birthday funds for the grandkids, perscription sunglasses, and of course, GTA IV and Mariokart later this week. Its almost tempting to just take Wednesday off, haul the ps3 into the room, and just play until my eyeballs peel off my face.

All my fawning about NPR and one of my favorite shows is actually not NPR. It might be PRI or something, but its "This American Life," hosted by Ira Glass. This weeks episode, called "Mistakes Were Made", was about Bob Nelson, who was into cryogenics in the 60s, and they were so rudimentary in their implementation of preserving the bodies that it involved several bodies in a metal container that was cooled with liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Then things turned for the worst. Fascinating stuff, free for download this week, so do check it out.

Started watching "Rome" on DVD, as well as "Gun". The latter was a HBO series that has a good deal of sex and violence, as well as a pretty good storyline. It makes for careful and discreet watching at work. "Gun" was a anthology series in the early nineties, interesting in concept as we follow a gun through different hands in each episode, but it only lasted six episodes. The one I watched first was okay, a bit silly in realism, but that's just me.

Well, gonna spend the day with the fam now!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Finally caved and got a 2 gig card for my phone, because sometimes it seems like a good idea to have a touch of music in the car when I don't have my ipod. Also, having access to podcasts can be nice as well. The sidekick has a decent speaker so it does make for a nice little music device, though I've still got to work on getting a working adapter for the headphones.

Kids really have zero concept about time. As far as they're concerned, all they ever have to worry about is what their tiny little bodies tell them, unaware that their bodies have been set to an internal timetable that we have imposed upon them since the day they were born. Ah, but the youngins are getting wiser, even though they cannot read time, they have learned to associate nighttime with bedtime. So naturally, when the sun starts peeking at 6 in the morning, the boy erronously decides its time for him to wake up. I'm thinking of flashcards of when he should wake up and when he should go to bed, we'll have to see how it goes.

I can't really take credit for Dansen switching to a mac, but I wonder how much influence I had in that decision. Anyway, he's going to be a machead soon, and he will never go back. I really should be working for Apple, considering my fanaticism for them. I'm hoping I left my ipod in my locker though, since I can't find it anywhere at home. There's a potential foe acquiring an ipod touch from a friend of a friend for about half the retail price, but we'll see how that all pans out. I'm only about 25% sure that will even happen.

Yes, it is true, I had two leftover KFC thighs for breakfast this morning, along with diet coke at around 5 in the morning. I should be voted to be most likely to die from a eating related incident.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Twitter and Spending Money

So NPR talks about the Twitter goodness that goes on, and how it's changing forms of communication and it's all Web 2.0 and whatnot, so I decided to reactivate my account after losing interest and deleting my account. Well, got back in, and then to my disappointment it doesn't support my prepaid Sidekick plan, which means Twitter is just pretty much microblogging on the computer if I don't use it from my mobile. Hmm. So, there it goes, can't use it now. So much for Twitter.

Spending a bit of money on this odd Sunday, which has alternated between snow and a bit of sun. We've been hit by some odd April hail and snow, but after we emerged from Costco, it was a sunny spring day. Odd. Spend over 160 bucks at Costco, but also booking tickets for our Alcatraz cruise in May. Thankfully the kids are small enough to be freebies, otherwise it'd be costing a lot. Anyway, I'm fighting temptation to buy anything because it about a week I'll be blowing about 100 bucks on GTA IV and MarioKart. So I gotta be good for a while. But gaming goodness will be bestowed upon me.

Still doing the 58 hours a week schedule, though this week should be the last of it, and it'll likely only be a 48 hour week since the fiscal year ends on a Friday. Whatever, the OT will be worth the trouble. I never used to be a OT whore, but since I've had a month or two without any OT, I started to notice that cushion that the OT provided was actually kinda nice.

My friend loaned me his spiffy new iPod so that I could load it up with music and any video, and it helped inform me what to shoot for when I do have to replace my own iPod. My iPod's been acting up a little, but not quite worth replacing yet. It still does what it needs to relatively well, despite some soft resets throughout the day is inevitable. Not terrible of a reason enough for me to get a new one. But anyway, it doesn't settle any decisions about what I want to get, but it sure weigh it better. But man, 80 gigs is a lot of space to fill. I've thrown audio and video at it and there's still 40 gigs to fill. We're talking 3000 plus songs plus 6 or 7 movies and a bunch of podcasts. It doesn't stop.

The kids have been acting more human lately, and we believe that it's a strong correlation to the limitation of sugar we've placed on them. Way less junk food and candy makes for more agreeable kids. A noticable difference for sure.

Anyway, I'm distracted so I'll just end it here.