Saturday, March 15, 2008


It really is a sad affair because the only reason why I'm blogging right now is because I can't find the bloody tv remote. I cleaned up the house a little, and the amount of gathering of crap is almost overwhelming. If the kids weren't always distracting me, the clutter in the house would just consume me. I'll carry on the second stage of cleaning when the kids go to bed. Currently they are involved with some make believe activity, using the ants in Spongbob's pants to create some sort of adventure.

Not doing a whole lot today, still chilling and relaxin', spendin' all day waxing...

Friday, March 14, 2008

Horton Plans a Trip to Coos Bay

As an indirect inspiration, blogging on the phone has also made me crave blogging on a regular computer. Oh, the speed of which I can input data! So much faster, and bigger! The possibilities!

So, I will come out and recommend that "Horton Hears a Who" is a really good movie, probably destined to be a classic. What sets it apart is really its timelessness - no pop references, in jokes, or potty humor. It really is something when you watch a kids movie and there are no bodily humor jokes. There is physical humor, but it is carried out rather brilliantly. The voice acting is actually quite good, whereby even though it's Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell doing the main voices, they disappear into the character completely. If you don't mind a little subtle spiritually and faith undertone, I'd recommend it as a solidly good comedy. I was however, slightly embarrassed because I did catch myself laughing out loud by myself, even though the cinema had a small crowd of Moms and their children. I guess I'm the unspoken demographic.

The movie was after we had some stellar brunch at IHOP, which is somewhere we haven't been in probably years - at least for me. I had me a steak omelette, black coffee with sugar, and a cigar followed by some puppy kicking. Maybe not the latter two, but man, it was a good breakfast. The bill was stellar too, party of four and it was 45 smackaroos. But it was worth it. Once in a while it's good to know that you're alive by eating your weight in protein.

After some grocery, I did some more planning for the road trip to San Francisco, and with us taking the scenic coastline route, minus the many expected stopovers, I reckon that it'll be a 24 hour drive, broken up with a stayover at Coos Bay, Oregon. I think that's where we'll stop over, mostly because of the name of the city. But after doing some planning, I started to panic more and more about the potential cost of gas for the minivan that we'll be renting. Then the thought of all that driving started to scare me some more. It really is one thing just doing the drive with your wife or some friends, but toddlers is an entirely different experience. I suspect dramamine, portable DVDs, and stern, crazed warnings from the front seats will be in order. Sigh, I'm exhausted already. But thinking about Summer, the white sands, and it's more okay. Definitely bringing the laptop though, just in case... something.

Chocolate Crosses

Chocolate Crosses, originally uploaded by diegomcnamara.

I'm not religious, but I find this distasteful... or is it yummy?

Penis on my Sidekick

So, I'm sitting in the cinema with the fam, waiting for Horton Hears a Who to begin, when my phone buzzes. I flip it out and my wife peeks and
says, "What, a penis? Why do you have a penis on your phone?"

"Oh, it's a donut."

Homer Simpson's hand holding a donut, to be specific. Somehow my wife thinks gay porn on her husband's phone is normal.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Cinnamon and sugar lines her lips,
As she holds up a piece of the pretzel to her mouth,
Asking for more raspberry tea,
And chewing slowly like a caterpillar.

Phone bloggin'

Since production at work has been ground to a halt for the fourth week in a row, and I'm just daft sick of taping floors, making labels, and staving off boredom by pretending to read company policies on the computer but in fact, am actually staring at the computer screen with glossed eyes listening to my podcasts. I decided to take a voluntary day off so now I have a four day weekend. Which allowed me to have this super slumber whereby I dreamt that I slept for over two whole days. Every moment I woke up and then went back to sleep, dreams would surge right back in like I never ever woke up. Its kinda nice.

Work has been a little interesting in a way. One of my coworkers got selected for the hiring process earlier this week - package of info and the works. That was Monday. By Tuesday he was dropped when they found out he didn't finish high school. My new co-worker, whom I suspect makes either the same or a tad higher than me, told me that he never even did high school. Later that day he asked me how to spell, "since" and "college" while he was emailing. Now I'm not acting elitist in the slightest bit, but it does bother me that I spent all that time in college for seemingly nuts all. The other interesting thing, if you want to call it that, instead of a workplace accident, was when I put a labeler down and accidently squirted a stream of alcohol on my face. My thick ass dork glasses saved my eyesight once again, and my face was very clean after that. After that, I got micromanaged by some co-workers and I just thought, that's it. Taking the day off.

Yesterday my wife had the distinct pleasure of taking our kids to the dentist, and while Zoe was a good little patient, Alex got a little freaked and didn't last for more than two minutes. He has another appointment next week, so we might just try the approach of handing him over to the dentist completely, and waiting in the waiting room. The idea is that if we're not there elude to, he might just learn to cope.

Well, I might blog from the phone differently, maybe directly into blogger. I hate to reformat the breaks from the post on the computer afterwards.

I'm not certain how it got to where it was, but Zoe mentioned that Swiper didn't like to hold the skunk, and my wife asked why.

"Because smoke comes out of his bottom," explained Zoe.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ahhhhh.... Freak Out!

I was guessing that Alex picked it up from preschool and not from me and my colorful language, but tonight he sure is saying, "freak out" a lot.

Zoe on the other hand, has mastered the art of not listening. After five hours of dinner stalling, she said to my wife, "I think I'm full, Mom."

My wife said, "you're done," sorta the same way she does when she's had enough her procrastinating, and Zoe just instinctually started crying.

What's wrong, I ask. You said you were full and Mommy just let you go.

"But I'm still hungry!" Zoe said in between sobs.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Rice Crispy Treat

I was eating one in the car after forgetting to bring it into work for my lunch and thinking about how delicious it was, and how puffed rice, puffed sugar, and butter could usher in such pleasure. Then I realized that I was probably giving it too much credit.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

After a waiting for two days for the mail and one day before tmobile could switch my account over, I finally have an active sidekick in hand.

Impression of it has been positive so far, the qwerty keyboard is definitely a big plus for me, even if there is still a slight learning curve. I imagine it'll get even easier over time. The phone is a bit hefty for the pants pocket, but not too bad. The phone is in pretty good condition, and though it's a pretty good text and email phone, it's a odd normal phone. Anyhow, impressed with it. Had to go through a little bit of a guilt trip though, after finding out that it was a dollar a day irregardless of whether I used the phone that day or not.

Website surfing is not bad, decent formatting and a little poky, but I can access the email and news easy peasy.

Well, maybe I'll get some photos up later, but I guess that will just depend. This concludes the sidekick post.


Even though we have 2 cats, the kids have a general meh feeling about them, if not sometimes bordering on fear. They've been scratched before, but nothing to really cause considerable caution on their part.

Their experience with dogs is slighty worse, they've had my mother in law's dogs bark and scamper at their feet, so their impression of dogs isn't much better.

Anyway, this afternoon Alex pointed out to us that he had green bones, while pointing to his head. Then he said that he doesn't want the dogs to get the bone in his head.

Poor boy must have all kinds of thoughts running through that green skull of his.