Saturday, May 17, 2008

Weather affliction

I'm having rather mixed feelings about this bout of good weather. Word is its only supposed to last about three days, so we were trying to enjoy it as best as we can. Fate seems to think differently, starting with the whole two-day bunk-bed debacle. Its finally together, and I hope I never have to put another one together again. The sun may be a welcome change to the cold spring, but today's weather caused Alex to be drenched in sweat, bordering on heat exhaustion after spending only 15 minutes in the sun. As for me, the weather has crippled me and my allergies are wrecking havoc to my sinuses. I'm testy and snappy because I can barely breath, and with every sneeze I feel as if my heart might just give. I have no idea how I'll hold up in San Fran.

The sun was dulled by clouds for a while, so we did go outside to wash the Honda. It has been over a year since I've washed it, a far cry from my weekly washes I used to do pre-children. It looks so purty now.

During the trip out to Walmart I got myself a corded drill. I have a cordless drill and a cordless screwdriver already, but the problem with cordless tools are that they're never charged when you need them. And because of the nickel cadium batteries in them, they eventually lose the ability to hold a charge past a couple minutes, then you're back to torquing it with muscle. So now I can drill at will.

Bunk beds

Its been a little busy on my end of things, with weddings, work, and wacky kids all thrown into the mix. Right now I'm at Walmart picking up bunk beds that I bought online and had shipped to the store, and then will probably spend a couple hours at home, with parts strewn all over the floor.


Well, here's the update. Drove 30 miles to Walmart only to find one of the pieces of wood was shattered, so we had to resort to plan B and got a second bunk bed from Freds. And because I started so late it didn't get finished, so the kids slept on half assembled, non-stacking beds last night. Hopefully I can get the beds done in a couple hours so that I can enjoy this nice weather for this weekend. So yeah, at Walmart right now returning the stupid thing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wedding Pics

DSC_1521, originally uploaded by diegomcnamara.

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