Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pie Week

Well, it's not as tasty as it sounds. It simply addresses the situation at work. We're currently having problems with the boards, so they can't build any units and therefore the whole assembly line has been halted. Although shipping is slightly more fortunate in having something to do, we have no real quota to meet and no one's looking up our skirts to see what we're up to. So there's a lot of pressure gone and I'm feeling more relaxed at work. I'm seriously tired of being so stressed all the time. Of course, this will mean that the next week or month will be insanely busy, with us playing catch up. Also, after just having a 4 day weekend, we won't be working Friday because of the shortage so I'll have another 3 day weekend. Sweet.

My love affair with NPR continues. Today I've been just listening to NPR for the whole day. I used to like Whad'ya Know on Saturdays, but since they don't really showcase the whole show as a podcast, I've really taken to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me." It's a great news quiz show, with great humor and interesting guests dropping by. All and all, it's a great listen that has made me laugh out loud while working, inciting some looks from co-workers. But even the Movies podcast or the Tech podcasts are top notch, going beyond the usual glossy summarized and highly opinionated slant of mainstream media and providing a much more classy way of bringing me new information. I've just been really glad to be getting all this stuff into my brain. Now I don't feel like such a drone.

Today at work, I was scraping stickers off the floor with a razor blade and a co-worker came up and looked at me.

"Keeping busy, huh?"

"I know, it's not the best utilization of my abilities."

She smiled and nodded.

"Then again, I do work here after all."

I laughed at myself out loud, probably as some sort of self-mockery and realization that it was the sad truth. College education and I'm scraping stickers off the floor with alcohol.

I'm revisiting Band of Brothers again, having missed one of the episodes when I watched it on the History Channel a while back, and this time I'm watching it uncensored (just language) and for some reason, it doesn't come with subtitles. I'm a funny sort, I enjoy subtitles for some reason, likely due to the fact that I'm an aspiring screenwriter, but I think it also helps my comprehension. Although it does ruin a lot of comedies for me, since I'm a speedy reader. I get the jokes before they deliver them.

For some reason, today the kids are either acting super crazy therefore becoming more accident prone, or as I am always suspected, the house is slowly getting smaller. But so far tonight, Alex kicked the hard floor with his foot, Zoe tried to round off the kitchen counter corner with her head, and Alex tried to sharpen his toy sword on Zoe's hands.

The other day, when we were having our family day at Pike Place Market, we were hanging out at the park and they found a little boy to play with. Nothing complex, they just running around each other and having a good time. Anyway, at one point the little boy ran off further than usual, and Zoe reached that invisible radius between herself and me and so she stopped dead in her tracks, and for good measure, stuck out her arm to prevent Alex from going any further. She was so serious doing that too, which made me proud and laugh at the same time.

Just put the kids to bed, and we were playing "What are you going to Dream about?" The kids enjoy that, as do I, though we get a little goofy sometimes. Alex dreamt that I have two butts for eyes, and Zoe dreamt that I only had one tooth. Now their lights are off, but they're still talking quietly which is pretty cute.

Oh, one of the things Alex did again tonight was to mumble incomprehensible phrases really loud, like "Oola!" and "Nohnoh!". I told him to stop shouting it so loud and he said he was speaking Spanish. Thank you, Dora. Now they think they know Spanish.

A Post From Mommy

So today Alex and I were working on his "homework" and Zoe is coloring in the next seat at the table. She announces that she has to go potty and runs to the bathroom. Sure enough a few minutes later, I hear her crying and knocking softly at the bathroom door. I immediately knew she had locked herself in yet again so I walked into the other room retrieve the knife stored away for such occasions, and while consoling her calmly unlocked the door. Picking her up I got the explanation from her.

"Wilbur (our cat) locked me in the bathroom", she tells me in between tears.

Ignoring her statement, I asked her if she locked herself in again and got the reply:

"No, Wilbur do it," She tells me, still in tears and obviously very upset.

I told her that I really didn't think Wilbur did it when Alex walks in from the other room and interrupts me.


"Yes, Alex."

"Wilbur can do that. He know how."

At that point I had to give up because, as we all know, there is really no winning over preschool logic. So there you have it. Wilbur the cat I guess is some mystical creature. Not only can he lock a bathroom door that a three year old cannot manage to unlock but he can do it when he is sleeping under the kitchen table. I know he can be a grouchy cat but he must really have something against three year old girls to be doing this kind of mischief.