Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Going Pro

Well, to start off the blog, I had a terrible day.

Okay, not terrible like I got hit by a bus and then subsequently trampled on by a marathon of soccer players with metal cleats, and then getting picked apart by vultures and rodents. But maybe terrible like being hit by a little girl on a bike.

Work has been stressful this month - they decided to make January crazy ass month, which means they want us to work 50 hours for sure, but they also reserve the right to work us on Saturdays, which means 58 hour work weeks. I escaped the first round simply because we were too productive, but this week we've been struggling to meet numbers because of various reasons. Anyway, today I kinda got caught in all that crap, when two bosses with two different priorities want me to put theirs ahead. Then almost cruelly, neither of them will directly tell the other to bugger off, instead just giving me the privilege of deciding for myself which is more important. Anyway, they are expecting crazy numbers from us - like abnormal numbers considering the amount of lifting and walking that we do.

Anyway, I think that in itself is plenty challenging, but my co-worker manages to top that with a slice of oblivious idiocy. He really is a nice enough guy, but one of his main faults is that he's a compulsive complainer. And pessimistic as well. If you know me, and I say that someone is pessimistic, that has to be pretty bad. He likes to concentrate on blaming everyone, and complaining about certain things that nobody has control over. In fact, there are times when I have to interject all the commotion about who's responsible and just say, "Let's just solve the damn problem already." Needless to say, spending 10 hours everyday with him gets old fast. Some days he's neutral and okay to talk to, but some days, especially today, he's a royal pain.

So I came home and logged online, forgetting that today was actually Macworld. I watched the keynote and it cheered me up a bit, seeing the cool MacBook Air (no optical drive? You're insane!) and how they're really trying to revamp AppleTV, which I'm jonesing for a little. They improved the interface and will single-handledly kill Vudu, I believe. AppleTV has got me thinking if that's something I should aspire for when I sell my videocamera. Either that or a 360. Hmmm. False substitutes for true happiness.

The one thing I did do was to use my allowance for the week to splurge for a Flickr Pro account. I've been eyeing that for a while because I wanted an online archive of all my photos, incase the unspeakable happens and I lose all my photos. Plus if I set up my RSS feed to run that as a screensaver, that would be awesome too. But mostly because I really wanted to archive my photos and have a backup.

Sigh. What a life.