Wednesday, April 16, 2008

60 hours

The reason for the tumbleweeds drifting through thr columns of this blog is because my work is owning me. It is the end of the fiscal year and there has been tales of long hours and general evilness, and this past week I was doing 60 hours, Monday to Saturday, 10 hours each. Same will go for this week, followed by a 50 hour week. If I wasn't trying desperately to make up some dough for vacation, I wouldn't bother. Then again, it's not like I have much of a choice anyway.

There really haven't been much else happening when one works so much, other than develop a unhealthy disdain for one of my co-workers. I am cordial with him, but I don't show much interest in what he has to say, mostly because he thinks rather highly of himself. Well, I think highly of myself as well, but I don't throw my weight around and order people about. Ah, i'll just drop it now. Too much time is wasted on the issue.

My wife had 5 days off, because of some ironic karma, so when she told Zoe she had to go to work today, Zoe was pretty teary eyed and sad. Nothing a little Smash Bros Brawl didn't solve, but it was nonetheless a little secretly comforting to my wife. See, Alex for the past few days have been asking if my wife is working, and is disappointed when she isn't. He likes it when its Daddy watching them. We figured out later that it was linked to my phrasing. Whenever Alex asks if he could play Mario fighting game, I always say, "After Mommy goes to work", so that the kids wouldn't just ignore it when my wife leaves and says goodbye to the kids. Well, Alex interprets it as we never play the game unless Momy is at work, as if it were something secret we do when mommy isn't home. Silly tots.

Dansen and I have done a couple podcasts now, and they are slowly improving over time. Biggest issue right now is syncing, the first one was horrendous and the second one is much improved, but the audio doesn't quite sync up. So like a responsible friend I simply forwarded the audio to Dansen and just let him deal with it. Like I mentioned: 60 hours. I get a little picky about how I spend my time.

I'm looking forward to the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, coming out later this month to much hype and pretty good previews. I'm ready to drop sixty on the bad boy, although the experience will undoubtedly be dampened by not being able to play it 90 percent of the time I'm awake, because those are the times when the kids are awake too. Poor me. I'm having the same problem with Half Life, not being able to play it unless everyones out or sleeping. Because the game has zombie elements as well, that even rules out when my wife is around. But nonetheless, still excited about the game.

Well, my thumbs are getting a little numb and the kids are starting to picket, so I best be starting some form of entertainment for them. Maybe more later when I figure out something to say.