Sunday, January 9, 2011

Alex's Calendar

I asked Alex about the picture he drew for his January calendar and he explained that it was Zoe and him on a sled, being pulled by Daddy, who is sweating lines. Mummy's face is red because sometimes she gets angry while walking the dogs.

Dirt, Nice to Meet You...

I guess we must share the same birthday.

I've been feeling rather old lately, and I think children are to blame for that.  They get all old and big and then I realize that they're no longer kids, and some of them even have jobs.  That makes me feel old.  It's a rather strange phenomenon, because some of these kids I see when I'm younger, and then for whatever reason I don't see them for years and that person disappears.  For example, I've seen Derrek like three times in the past couple years, and I know he's 18 and taller than me in a tophat, but if the 6 or 7 year old version of him shows him requesting no onions in his food and wanting to play Nintendo 64, It would not be weird at all.  Because 7 year old Derrek existed far longer in my memory than the 18 year old version.  Same with some other kids, like Bobbie when I did her sister's wedding and she was the little girl running around, and now she's a teenager and everything.  Recently a cousin of mine befriended me on Facebook, and I didn't really remember who he was until I asked my mother on the way back from the airport this morning.  Turns out he was my third uncle's son, a kid that I used to play with whenever I visited Malaysia.  I even remember specifically playing with mercury at his house.  Or maybe that was a faulty memory from mercury poisoning, who knows.

But no, the kids are one thing, the other being that everyone is getting old.  Movie stars I've seen are getting old.  I'm falling apart myself, fragments at a time.  All in all, I'm pretty ok with it mostly because everyone is aging too.  Even you, right now as you read this post.  

Dirt, have you met my friend?



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