Friday, December 12, 2008

Frosty Friday

Despite only having to work 2 hours today and getting paid for 4, and also waking up at 7am instead of the dreaded 4:30am, I'm still a little funky and tired.

While I'm typing this on the laptop in the living room, the kids are playing Duck Duck Goose. The both of them.

Anyway, I just wanted to get this incident down on the blog, because it's not everyday we face this kind of crisis.

We were putting groceries away after grocery shopping, when my wife and I heard a weird hiss. The dishwasher was running, but it was coming from the opposite direction. My wife suddenly got panicky.

"What's that sound? Where is that coming from?"

She starts getting wide-eyed and backs out of the kitchen.

"Why is it doing that? What's making that sound?"

I found out that she had put a box on top of the non-stick cooking spray, and it was spraying my orange creme ice cream with a healthy coat of oil as it pooled at the bottom. Oh, she got teased about that. That I knew she didn't like my Orange Creme but that was certainly not nice of her to douse it in synthetic aerosol grease.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Post Before Dinner

The kids are playing Little Big Planet which is fine and dandy, except they would accidently select "Play Online" and some unwittingly guy would want to play with the kids, expecting some skill on my kids part. The kids do okay, but they couldn't complete a level or do more complex stuff. So I take pity on the online pairings, although I had to mute the other guy first.

"Home" became open beta today, but the servers are so swarmed and I couldn't even get on there. After a few days of feeling special, the closed beta is now open for the entire PS3 community. Oh well.

I'll have to go into work tomorrow for a couple hours to finish up a big order, which I don't mind much since I can start 3 and a half hours later than usual, which is 8am. So I can actually stay up a little and be a normal human being. Probably do a little more Call of Duty and then watch a movie or something. I started watching "Volver" a little, so maybe I'll finish that, or watch something else. I put "The Dark Knight" on my Blockbuster queue, and would really love to watch that. Like now. But I'll wait.

Woke up late this morning, slapped on a cap, and made it to work in 15 mins. So now as I sit at home, my hair looking atrocious and I'm dying for a shower. Today wasn't too bad, managed to stay busy one way or another through real work or work created by myself.

Thinking of doing a short film during my impromtu vacation. I've thunked up a story idea, just got to flesh it out to be a longer short. It would a comedy with a female lead, who is given 15 minutes after her death to visit whoever because she was taken 15 minutes by the reaper before her time. So, yeah. It's an idea.

Well, time to cook dinner for the kids.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Checked my email and got psyched that I got the code for the Home Beta for the PS3. Basically, it's a limited beta that I've been wishing to get into, it's like Second Life without a little more control and probably less weirdness. I'm fairly impressed by it, it's usable enough to not be too off putting, and there's enough customization to keep one interested. I'll probably talk more about it on next week's Pizza Bento.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Alex was bugging me to get a toy "for Christmas."

"No. We're done for Christmas."

"What about next Christmas?" he inquires.

"Ask me next year," I say, and he says ok, thinking he's struck up a pretty good deal for himself.

Christmas isn't hurting quite as much this year, probably because I had this nice overtime check from way back in November. There's a couple more odds and ends to take care of, but we're keeping stuff in check for a little until my next paycheck. Then we should be all done.

This afternoon Alex had a sealed christmas bag that he was carrying, and he said, "watch this..."

He dropped the bag on the ground and some growling and mutterings came from within. They were his Hulk fists.

"Be careful, you're going to make him angry," I advised.

Alex bounced the bag on the floor again.

"You're making me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!" said Hulk hands, as if on cue.
That was awesome.


Just finished "Grave of the Fireflies", an anime from 1988. I've had it for a while but Filmspotting mentioned it and got me interested. What a tragic tale told so artfully and without punches pulled. Man. The film is so haunting that I'm still thinking about it. Highly recommend it, although be warned that its a tragedy, albeit a touching one.