Friday, August 8, 2008

Belated BBQ post

It was like three days ago, but it was such an action packed day, it would be injustice for me not to notate it in some way.

I came home from work and from the street I could hear a kid crying. Turns out that Zoe was stung by possibly a hornet, and had been crying for the past 30 minutes. So my wife opted to take her to the ER, and I stayed home with Alex and later took him to his martial arts class. But while at the ER, Zoe ran into a male nurse who told her that there was no crying at the hospital, and she quit. She was sent home with just a prescription for OTC ibuprofen.

While Alex was at class, we went to Tully's to experiment with overpriced laxatives. My wife and I had a milkshake each, while Zoe had a 2 dollar fifty ice cream cone. It wasn't even a normal sized portion. This milkshake would not only ruin our appetite for BBQ, it would also cleanse our internals later on. After we picked up Alex with a smoothie, we went to the annual neighborhood BBQ.

There really isn't anything great about the BBQ, except my taste for ribs subsided a bit. The fact that it was still a little bleedy and might've mooed a bit when I bit down into it didn't help. The interesting thing was that there was quite a bit of public service employees there. There was a fire engine, a couple police cars and an ambulance there, and I'm sure it wasn't just because of the BBQ. They partaked (partook?) in the free food and then decided to turn their vehicles into impromptu things for the kids, just letting them look around in the vehicles and even spray the fire hose. But that was fun for the kids.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend Update

It is nice after having 2 long work weeks to have a 3 day weekend, and since we didn't pack our schedules full of activities, its been a uber relaxing weekend. We celebrated my nephew's second birthday on Saturday, and he's like one Lightning McQueen short of a toy museum. He seemed to have lots of fun as my kids did, so its all good.

I also spent some time getting the bikes all rigged up and changed over, but i'll have to revisit them because the tandem rig was getting wonky. My bike is now the length of two, and it doesn't work out so well in my stuffed garage, especially since I purchased that freezer for all the bodies.

Rock Band continues to rock my world, and even though I finished the easy mode, medium is still a little too challenging for me. I can do the drumming fair enough, but the foot pedal gets me all special needs because my foot is incapable of too many ranges of motion. I do okay, from 3 to 4 stars, but I'm certainly struggling on medium more than I expected. Baby steps. My guitar skills are still a little behind, and my vocal career is a closeted affair. That only happens when no one else is around, and the room lit only by dim candlelight, with a bottle of lotion nearby.

Zoe's being cute with her new hair obsession - she asked me for a ponytail yesterday and since I couldn't form one out of her short hair in the back, I made one of the side of her hair. She then located another matching rubber band and request symmetry to her tuft of hair. Then this morning, after my wife commented about how nice her ponytails looked, I could hear her practically skip all the way upstairs to the bathroom, and then skip back downstairs. Technically I couldn't even call them ponytails. Pony wings?

Just had a very late lunch with our new BBQ. We had burgers and I realized how much I missed doing the grilling. Something primally satisfying about cooking over gas fueled fire, and having a lot of smoke pouring out of your cooking. It was a good lunch, even if my grilling skills slipped a little.

Well, back at work tomorrow with my newbie boobie crew. I'm down to one and he's gifted in skills I have yet to uncover. Perhaps I'm being a little impatient with my expectations and I hope to be proven wrong in short order. Otherwise i'll just ship him somewhere.

I was going to do a podcast about this, but I doubt anyone watches them at Pizza Bento so i'll just harp about it here. My brother showed me Piclens which is a handy little free app that works within one's browser, like Firefox and Safari and Explorer, if you're into that sort of thing. The app allows you to sift through tons of Flickr, youtube, and Google sites amongst others in a snazzy surfy interface, looking only at videos and photos without any clutter. Its really good and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for faster browsing of said media.

Well, my alertness is fading and I gotta do some homework for Pizza Bento, so I don't look like Dansen who's often unprepared and horny when we do the podcast. The unprepared I don't mind but I'm often glad we can't webcam and record the show at the same time. Too much sexual tension for the both of us.

Hah hah.