Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thunks in my head

Truth can be such a relative concept that I often have to accept the notion that there has to be several versions of the truth that makes up a whole story. Yesterday I was challenged to add to a story with preexisting facts and they contradicted in a semi-grand scale. I spend some time wondering if indeed some lies or rumor might've made its way to my ears but I think that ultimately, they're probably all a little true. Sorry I can't be more specific, but I never really know who my audience is, but I'll say this much. It is about a relationship.

Getting the general feeling that I should be spending more time reading and writing. I'm by no means a very good director, just a capable one. I'm a good editor - whenever I get around to it. Editing to me is something sacred, in that the conditions have to be perfect whenever I start it, but easy when I get to it. Its rewarding when its all done, but I dread the road to completion. Writing I'm not that hot at, my vocabulary isn't that verbose, and I've been told that my grammar sucks donkey anatomy. But my storytelling skills is somewhat intact, even if it is subconsciously tainted by the many plotlines that I've already seen. I don't know, maybe i'll take a stab at writing some short stories. Perfect for someone with my attention span.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The One Where I Feel Old

This post is going to make me sound old, and I suppose that's the reality of it. So on Friday I decided to get a new camcorder, and yes, that sort of makes my camcorder count to about 4, but I decided that that cheap Aiptek camcorder was too much of a weakling to handle any of my life's memories. There was terrible lag so the audio was never synched. So I was looking online and saw that Flip, which was something I was looking at when I looked at the Aiptek, had just released a new HD version going for 200 clams. And so after much thought, I went and got it at Best Buy on Friday.

So here's the old person part - I have a Sony VX2000 which is a high-quality, feature rich camera that I shot weddings and films with. It did break a little more when I did my film festival thingy, but I was just thinking about how I was just missing out a lot of life stuff because it's really awkward to lug around that monster to anything. So I opted to get a camera that was compact, and easy to use. Seriously, just two buttons and you're recording. There are only three options - set date and time, tone or no tone, and light or no light when recording. That's it. There's a laughable 2x digital zoom, but other than that, it's completely featureless. But I love it. Even though both my computers are too slow to play a 720p mp4, I still love it. My PS3 can handle it and I'm thinking forward. So yeah, I'm old because I opted for light and easy instead of heavy but high quality.

The second thing that made me feel old is one of my old co-workers in Bellingham, her daughter got married today and I don't quite know if it's because she's marrying young in my mind or that I'm just too damn old, but I remember filming her sister's wedding years ago. Like 5 years or something. She was like 14 at the time and now she got married. So that made me feel ancient.

The last one made me just sad.

I have the one that's in the back middle, the hamburger that turns into a robot. Alex plays with it now, for some reason he's attached to it quite a bit. So I was telling him that that's not like a toy I had, that is actually a toy that I have that he's playing with. It was from my childhood, came over to America with me. I was trying to frame it so I looked at the bottom of the toy and it said 1987. The commerical says 89, but there you have it. The toy is 22 years old. I have a toy that's older than the girl in the previous story.

Well, with that, I better go to bed. Us old people need our rest.