Friday, October 8, 2010


One of my biggest challenges right now is probably homework with the kids. Never cared for it much myself, always a procrastinator when it came to my own assignments. Not that I wasn't expecting to do any with the kids at all, I just thought I would have a couple more years before the homework started flooding in. But no, Lake Washington school district coupled with Alex not finishing his work at school and having to finish it at home has made my evenings a little more stressful. I'm probably whining a bit about my part, but on work days I usually am just glad to come home, relax for 4 hours, and then go to bed. I suppose if Alex was more cooperative with school work it would help a lot. Arrrrggh I hate homework.

Today we just went to Walmart mostly just to pick up essentials, nothing in particular in mind. How we ended up with with a 450 dollar, 2 sided receipt blows my mind. And we didn't even purchase any big ticket items. I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of our biggest shopping bills ever.

Alright, this was a boring blog post. I'm done here.