Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!, originally uploaded by diegomcnamara.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Watched "Waitress" yesterday because I heard it was a fesitval fav about a year back, but it was one of those movies that I put on the back burner because it was which I perceived to be a chick flick, which it pretty much was. But all and all, it was a cute little movie except it had a sad undertone since the director and costar Adrienne Shelly was murdered shortly after the film was finished. So it was partially curiousity and tribute for us to watch her last film, I suppose.

This morning the snow was falling again, and the novelty of having snow around is wearing thin. The roads in Redmond are stil bumpy and generally undriveable, but once we got to the freeway it was a pretty smooth trip.

So now just sitting at my mother-in-laws trying not to fall asleep. Its warm in here and not much going on, so the tendency to just shut my eyes and pass out are fairly strong. I could just keep eating and drinking but I doubt that would have any positive outcome stemming from that gluttony.

I'm having a bit of a bum streak because I'm either hurting myself with sneezing myself into stomach cramping, scratching my hand and drawing blood with my own belt buckle, and just failing at Rock Band because the guitar - both guitars, have inexplicably stopped working well.

Weel, too bad there no cell reception around these neck of the woods, I could use a bit of mobile surfing otherwise.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Even though I'm a complete whore when it comes to having time to myself, the snow is actually extending my vacation by almost five days because with the day off today and possibly tomorrow, it would be a like 2 and a half weeks of doing absolutely nothing.

On top of that, either the weather or just some cooties have made their way to poor Alex, who I saw just tucking himself into Zoe's bed, with teary eyes and a quiet exclamation that he was sick. With a temp of 102, I'm feeling rather bad for the boy. Just read him a couple stories and now I'm just cuddling with him and keeping him company. In a little while we will probably put on something for him to watch.

Anyway, judging from the days that my wife has off and the time frame I have to possibly do a movie, I'm not sure if its feasible to put a movie together. With all the visiting we have to do, the snow, and the holidayness of this season, I doubt I could do anything super productive.

Well, that's about what the dealy-o is. Going to do a bit of grocery shopping when I drive the wife to work but not taking the kids anywhere. If I took Zoe and not Alex that wouldn't be nice. Watched Hancock and Chaos Theory. Both aint bad.

You know, for a writer I can be drastically short of descriptive prose. It snowed and drastically changed the landscape and I didn't really go too much into detail about it.

Anyhow, the snow out there is no longer the serene blanket of purity it was, compared to even last night. Now its just dirty, lumpy, suspension breaking snow that makes me carsick faster than a drunk person driving on a dime. Drove the wife to her work and the usual 1o min drive took over half an hour staring at people's bumpers and waiting for lights. At least it was better than last night, when the weight sensor for the lights didn't work, and I had to go through a couple red lights.

Well, turns out I'm working tomorrow which is good I suppose. I can't afford to take so much time off. Might turn into a bum.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trapped in a Snowglobe

Well, not really trapped. Fact is, it's far too crazy out there for me to venture to. Last night's windstorm drove snow everywhere, including the front door and the inside of the back porch. The white stuff is everywhere, and the novelty of snow is outwearing its welcome for a lot of people. As for me, I guess it doesn't bother me much. I'm driving the wife to work still and I'm more of a homebody anyway, so it's not like it's impeding my life much. I do have two more days of work before my "vacation", but I'm not sure if the factory is even open. Last Thursday it was open, but being how I work on a production line, when other people don't show up for work, it affects how much work you have. So we just killed a bunch of time on Thursday, went home early, and then that was it. There was work to be done but nobody there to do it.

It's supposed to snow more today, but you know, whatever. The snow last night eliminated a lot of terrain, evened it out so that it looks as if there was no curb anymore, just a flat surface between the road and the sidewalk. It's kinda cool, until you realize there's a couple inches below the stuff that fell last night, and you start to wonder if all Christmas activities are off.

Was watching a Steve Miller clip and the kids asked, "How can babies rock?" since Miller kept repeating, "Keep on Rockin' me, baby."

Hmm, would love to watch a movie, like Hancock or just play video games all day, but the kids are glued to the screen whenever I do it, so I have to do something else. Like productive. Maybe since I claim to be a writer, I should get some of that out. Ahhh.