Friday, September 14, 2007

Go Ahead, Have a Cardiac Arrest

Because I can totally sustain blood flow to your brain until an AED arrives, at which time I'll be happy to shock you.

Yes, I applied for a CPR class at work because I've always wanted to take CPR - it just seems like one of those things that people should know, even if they never ever use it in their lifetimes. But because of either the cost or the time involved, I just never made it top priority. But if work is paying for it and I get to skip out on some work, then yeah, I'll go ahead and do it.

And I'm glad I did. If you've never had the opportunity to take a class, then at least watch something on Youtube where some people have made some pretty good videos about how to administer CPR. It's not official training and I wouldn't advise "practicing on a stuffed animal" as the video advises, but it's really not difficult. Of course, a class would be better, but you get whatever you can get.

The class itself was taught by a guy who seemingly walked out of a sitcom. He was over-the-top, cracking jokes and actually waiting earnestly for a laugh. He would say jokes at inappropriate times, and his facial expressions were probably too animated for a healthcare professional. But when he was serious, he was fine. And even though the class was aimed for the workplace (since we were working in a place that made AEDs, and it was assumed every third person would know CPR), I got enough of it to possibly do what I had to do if the situation came up.

The notable thing about yesterday's class wasn't so much the training, but the odd things that stood out. They were having some trouble with the video setup, and of course I stepped in and fixed the keyboard (batteries were dead), the sound from the video (kill the other input sources, boost input 1 which was the main audio) and even enact a choking patient while the instructor molested me from behind. I had to feign choking, and he gave me the maneuver, and made a popping sound, to which I responded by pointing to the ground and said, "My keys!" He got some laughs and I thought to myself -- I'm such an attention whore.

But seriously, I think CPR classes are a good idea for anyone who haven't had the chance to take one. Chances are, I'll never get to practice it on anyone. But it's a good feeling to know that I would know what to do if I found myself in such a situation.


Work was a little disappointing yesterday - while I was at the CPR class, they went and assigned the overtime spots, which meant that I missed out and why I'm home today. But more than that, the new co-worker that I was getting along with turned out to be a terrible worker with no work ethics. He had started out strong, but when it was busy yesterday, he just disappeared and was found chatting up another co-worker. Because there's only one real supervisor to the 50 something production workers, there was no real supervision or anyone to yell at him to get back to work. The other way that was going to happen was if one of his co-workers ratted on him.

I know that's the way things are, but I can't help but feel a little responsible because I had to train him. Of course, I didn't exactly train him to do that, but it felt like a trust was breached somehow. In the end, I didn't really say anything about that to him, but I suspect that it'll probably get in the way of my association with him.

It's so hard to find friends that you like.


Kinda having a lazy Friday - My wife and Zoe are sleeping on the couch and Alex is watching E.T. I like that movie but I'm just all blubber by the end of it. In fact, during the CPR training video, I was surprised at how uncomfortable I was seeing children in mock scenarios laying on the ground, pretending to not have a heartbeat. It was more than disconcerting, I was starting to get a little upset.

Probably stressed is what I am.


So I got three PSP games now, and still no PSP. Hopefully this Thursday is the release date, even though I know Sony will likely push it to the 24th or something. Buggers.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sony Open Letter

Dear Sony,

It was always a little fishy that you set release dates for Europe and Japan for the PSP 2000/Slim/Lite but neglected to inform the American consumers on when exactly the US release date is. It was so much of a problem that some retailers accidently began selling the Daxter bundles a few days early before they realized it.

Well, I went by what lack of information was available on the net, namely Amazon which stated that the PSP would be shipped on the 10th of September. Today is the 10th, and nobody seems to be selling the Slim at all, and the few places that do list them are listed as pre-orders, with dates from Sept. 20th to Sept. 24th.

Now my birthday isn't technically till the 25th, but I've been anxious to get a PSP ever since it was announced at E3. However, I'd strongly suggest not goofing around with your US consumers and just set a damn release date and stick by it. It's just mean to mess around with my emotions like that.



Sunday, September 9, 2007


Seriously, the waiting is driving me bonkers. Having to wait another day to get a PSP. I know that I am pretty spoiled, since it is my birthday present and my birthday is technically 15 more days ahead, but after the accidental early release of the Daxter Bundle by Target last week, I was pretty hopeful that someone else was going to slip up and accidently sell one. Oh well, looks like I'll just have to be a good boy and wait. It is however, surprising to me that not a lot of retailers are even aware of the release date, let alone the product redesign itself.

Am I a dick?

It's a rhetorical question, please don't answer that. It's better not knowing.

One of the core reasons for getting a PSP is for the mobile video. One of the reasons for wanting mobile video is so that I can watch podcasts, and even movies on the go, namely during the boring parts of life. For a while, I was watching videos at work on my Palm, badly encoded, terrible sounding videos during my lunch because that was like "me" time. I didn't want to talk to anyone, didn't want to socialize, just wanted to watch my videos. I was content - I'm not one to socialize for the sake of socializing - in fact today when I was grocery shopping, I ran into a lot of former co-workers, but I didn't make much effort doing any catching up. My practical standpoint is that they have their lives, I have mine, and since they didn't intertwine before and most likely won't in the future, I don't like to have to feign interest in their lives just to be polite. It's a very selfish stance I realize, and anti-social, but seriously, we're not social folk. Any extra time we have is prioritized with family or my wife. Or myself.

But the flip side of that argument is that I do mean to use the PSP from time to time when I'm with the kids. Like when I'm at the playground and I'm bored, or when the kids are in the toy aisle spending about half hour just playing with the toys. Yes, I can see some eyes rolling, like in why I aren't playing with the kids, or at least just watch them. Thing is, I do watch them when they're playing, and I try to play with either Alex or Zoe but usually I don't get too involved with either one because I don't want to lose sight of the other. Having two kids in a public place is usually a triangulation thing, whereby I have to be able to see both of them. Does a PSP help? Well, not really, but at least I would be able to watch a low attention span podcast like Diggnation whereby it's just two guys talking most of the time.

I don't know, I'm aware that there are people out there who are so buried in their technology that they fail to realize the world around them, and I'm likely one of them, but it's hard to get out of my admittedly selfish ways. It's a transition I am still not be able to make successfully.

I'm currently trying Memories, with a little accent on the e. I used to remember how to do that on a Mac keyboard, but I can't be bothered to look it up now. Anyway, it's basically an offline journaling program that's freeware, and even though usually I just write directly on the blog, to have a journal that I can partake in offline feels better. Can't really explain it. So I'll try that for a while, write in the journal and then paste it on the blog. Then at least I'll have the blog offline if the whole internet suddenly decided to implode.

Which it will, you know.