Sunday, June 7, 2009

It can be slightly confusing when there's 2 versions of the same movie out, especially when one is in 3D and the other isn't. We had to move things around because the 3D version of "Up" had already started, and we showed up for the 2D version. Despite that's it was actually 4 bucks cheaper, our screening is now at 1:50.

This weekend turned out a lot cooler than expected, since earlier in the week it had been record setting heatwave freaking us Northwesters out. Which I suppose is a good thing because that temperture, while it was nice, was a little crippling. So I spent most of the weekend being a uber geek, watching Ghostbusters on Roku, finishing up Resident Evil 5, a superb game with great cinematic moments, and doing the super geeky act of hooking up my Roku player to my Location Free unit. In laymen's speak? I can now what instant streaming Netflix movies on my computer (which was too slow to stream) and my PSP. Netflix on my PSP, dude.

Now with Facebook, I've had more interactivity with people and more audience with that so I don't blog as much. Facebook forces me to use brevity so I don't go on these long rambling tech babbles, but the ability to write about crap I like is still nice. The primary audience in all of this is still pretty restricted to me and my family. Although reading "Manhunt" got me thinking. People in the past wrote in great prose, choosing words rather carefully, and here I am, writing in disregard of grammar or spelling. I really should word my blogs with a little more care. It would certainly form better writing habits.

I was letting the children jump all over me yesterday on the bed and I think they sprained something of mine. Alex has gotten so big that I forgot he's something of a grown boy. When he jumps on me, he does cause some measurable damage to my weak physique. Now my shoulder feels out of wack and my neck feels like I've been in a badly executed chokehold.

Well, gotta go eat some Pho and see "Up".