Friday, March 30, 2007

Our Wedding Anniversary

It's hard to think that it's been four years already since you and I got hitched, and a lot of things have changed since, but the thing that stays the same is how easy it is to be with you. Can't think of anything that hasn't been said before, but I'm sure fortunate to have a best friend for a wife. Someone who can tell jokes on par with me and also make sure that I'm emotionally fulfilled. I can't imagine a life without you, without the kids that we had together - it would be an existence without laughter or joy, funny faces and goofy dances, water fights and wrestling beatdowns.

You always take the time to listen to me, to nurture my aging and decaying body, to play a displacement prank on me, and to say something odd to diffuse my overpowering sense of seriousness. And I'm glad you take the time to do all those things because it reminds me of how I need to do that more to you.

I only try to be a better husband because you are a good wife to me, in fact, I don't think I'm as good a spouse as you are to me, but I'm working on that. I wish I could fulfill all your wishes and needs so that you could be as happy as you make me.

Happy happy anniversary to you!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rip Van Diego

The day before yesterday, the toothache came back with a vengence, and I was strung out on Percocet, Vicodin, and swigging of whiskey - Well, needless to say, the pain didn't really go away, but my brain was adequately fucked. But not enough to launch me into a slumber. Everytime I laid down, the pain came rushing back from my love tool to my face, and my tooth would scream. Seriously, if one was really quiet, one could hear the quiet squeal of my tooth.

So I got propped up and popped in Eddie Izzard's "Glourious", and proceeded to do the head bop sleep. After an hour of impacting my necks muscles, I got into bed and crashed, despite the pain. It was like 4 in the morning.

At ten, my wife woke me up and told me to call the dentist, in case they had an opening. They did, and it was at 11, so I had to drag my half-asleep butt out of bed to look somewhat presentable. I was reluctant to move because I was tired, but also because the pain actually subsided a bit.

At the dentist, I was on nitrous oxide and they decided to to fill the cavity in my lower right, which I think was the original problem - before all the wisdom tooth crap. But you know, laying there, half awake and drowsy, looking up to a bright light and the shadows of two masked people with metal tools hanging out of your mouth, I wonder why I don't go more often.

I went home, and went to bed, sleeping till 3 in the afternoon. I was up for a couple hours, and then spent about an hour on the couch, waking up occasionally to tell the kids to cease beatings, and then went back to sleep. My mom finally told me to go back upstairs to rest, which I did. Woke up around 9, thinking that the kids were already in bed, but they were just brushing their teeth. So at least I got to put them to bed, which was kinda nice.

But then I just spaced for a couple more hours before sleeping again.

And today I've got a dull headache, probably my brain being surprised that I wasn't comatose after all.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Body is a Temple... of Doom!

I don't like drugs very much. Never touched the illegal stuff, and the legal drugs I usually use as a last resort. But these toothaches that's been plaguing me piehole has been so severe, that it seems like I'm trying to take my weight in pills.

Yes, after a thousand bucks of tooth extractions, the pain is back. I was fine till this afternoon, and after two Tylenols, one Vicodin, one Percocet about an hour later, I decided to resort to the old wives remedy of swigging the affected area with whiskey. The first time worked pretty well, but when I laid down to rest, the pain came back. I reckon it was the blood rushing to the infected area. So I tried it a second time, and I held it in my mouth so long that the fumes in my mouth made me cough, and then I just imploded. There's nothing left of me. Just a hand. To type this.


So I haven't done anything on the wedding front for a few days now, and likely won't tonight. The pain subsided, but my brain is pretty scattered.



Speaking of which, I don't remember where I was going with this. So...