Saturday, October 25, 2008

Throughly Exhausted in a Good Way

I had to work yesterday because it was the end of the 2nd quarter and we hadn't shipped more than a handful of orders, so all of yesterday was overtime. Thing was, I've heard rumors of late night overtime, but seriously, the whole day yesterday from 5:30 AM, I worked till 10:15pm. Basically 18 hours of overtime plus 2 hours of double time. Not that it didn't possibly take some years of my life. Actually, I did pretty well the whole day, up until 8 something in the evening when I started to feel numbness in my body parts, around the same time when my iPod decided that it didn't want to entertain me after all. But for the whole day, it was pretty good to me.

Actually, I spent a good amount of time listening to Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier on their Smodcast, and I actually appreciate their podcast a lot. Kevin's a pretty funny guy in nature, but he also has the natural gift of storytelling, whereby he can make a rather simple story sound nothing short of an adventure. Peppered in are some celebrity stories, but really nothing to rub in your face - his celebrity encounters are either matter of factly friendships, such as with Affleck and his stars in his movies, or he is just as enamored as all the rest of us are. He also has a line of logic that is intellectually stimulating and idiotic at the same time, but not in a bad way. Really, I think he is so honest in his access to his life that you can't help but like the guy.

So even though I had a full night's of sleep, I'm still a little tired from yesterday. Was pretty much on my feet the whole time, but luckily the sucky portion of the crew either called in sick or just worked somewhere else, so I had a pretty good crew. One of my co-workers, Sam, is really not compatible with me personality wise, but he has work ethics as strong as I have, which is really something. I think even I goof off more than he does.

Today we're just taking it easy. Played a bit of Rock Band with my wife, who is mastering Medium as I do okay on Hard on the Guitar before I tire out. Was in the store and I saw Bioshock and Dead Space. Seriously got to finish my rental and try to get a hold of that. I want me some FPS goodness.

Well, now I'm just yammering for the hell of it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

End of the quarter, so they've got me working overtime, possibly a 12 hour stretch. It's okay though, since it has been a long time since some OT money has come my way. Blogging from work as it were, since I'm trying to conserve my ipod battery for the rest of the day.

Well, my time management experiment seems to be making me a slighty better father. I sat on the couch away from the computer last night and came pretty damn close to plunging into a fatigue coma, but through watery eyes and a foggy mind managed to witness my kids reenacting the famous Gene Kelly sequence from Singing in the Rain. It was as cute as you'd imagine. I still got some Rock Band in though, you just gotta.

Speaking of which, the game of which I seem to revolve my life around continues to discriminate my taste in music, whereby I'm slowly moving away from techno and rap back to rock and alt rock. RB2 has introduced me to a few new songs that are kinda cool, like Float On from Modest Mouse, Pump It Out from Elvis Costello, and some other ones which I've forgotten the titles of. I'm a much better drummer than when I started RB, jumping right into hard and skipping the medium setting. I do like the new featues quite a bit, although I still think the tour mode is a little crazy sometimes, trying to figure out what path is the best way to go.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I had a bittersweet victory tonight, and sure, its not really something to be proud about, but it happened and here I am, hopefully wiser. Ever since I got Rock Band 2 on Sunday, I've spent a lot of time on it everyday trying to play "Rock N Me" by Steve Miller. Because RB2 is structured like a tour, you have to play different songs to unlock more song, and with a 80 something playlist, I wasn't quite sure which end of it it is.

Well, I finally spotted it in the middle of a 7 song Classic Rock playlist, so I started on it while the kids were watching. But during "American Woman", a somewhat weird song to play through, the kids were so noisy and boisterious that it distracted me and I bombed out. So I put the kids to bed a little cranky, played on a bit and cooled down, then went up again to apologize to Zoe at least, since Alex was fast asleep. Went down, played one of my all time favorite songs ever, and felt a little bad nonetheless for spoiling an otherwise good evening with the family.

Next week I think I'm going to try a limited tech access week. Like just an hour of any tech a day so that I can focus on people again. Its gotten probably a little too invasive in my life whereby I just bury myself in the computer or ps3. Sigh. That and a no sugar diet I think. I'm starting to look ridiculous.