Thursday, April 5, 2007


As you can see, I got my Nikon SB400 in the mail, and I was jumping around like a little boy. I told my wife that day that I needed a man in shorts to visit me, and she just looked at me like I said something homosexual. Wonder why. Anyway, as you can see, the photos above were taken with the flash bouncing off the ceiling, and every shot looks like a well-lit room, despite the fact the fact that it was dusk and the house was pretty dark. It's so awesome! In addition, I can now use my 18-55 lens indoors, because in the past I just didn't have enough light to make any good shots. I took some more but I'll upload them later. What a great speedlight. I even played with the continuous flash, and boy, I'm a happy little boy.

For those who might have noticed, Alex has bandages all over his face because he's got this obssessive habit of scratching his healing wounds, so they never seem to get better. We tried bandaging his fingers, but so far the band-aids seem to be doing the trick. Of course, they went out today and all the neighbors were telling him what cool bandaids he had, or in parent-speak, "What the hell do you let your kid do to himself?" I actually forgot about his face and took him to the playground - and he got a few looks. But don't worry, it's still the same old boy.


Finishing up another wedding, doing the compression right now so I have a slight excuse to be goofing around. I've been falling a little behind - just seems like there's never enough time in the day, does it?


Bundled up a lot of old toys to be sold on ebay. Seems like a waste to just toss them, and donating them is alright, I suppose. The little bit of extra change will help us, with all the phantom medical bills and all. Turns out that I still owe about 700 bucks on my tooth extraction, and this isn't including the 200 plus that I initially paid before the whole thing. I just the insurance company covered 90 percent, but there was a cap on the limit. So it's another chunk of change we don't have. Sigh. And then some of the medical bills that I thought was done with got up there again. We're making our premiums awfully fast this year.


Well, gotta go say hi to mom. Will post more pics later.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Alanis Debunking Fergie's Credibility

Sad Fool Who's Hopeful.

The Sad

I read a lot of news, mostly to keep myself informed with the world but mainly to look for things to do other than edit, and I come across some truly sad things. Everyday, has at least one really depressing thing about a parent being a bastard to their children, or bad things happening to children. I imagine journalists do get jaded and callous because it's the only way to deal with all these everyday tragedies. Anyhow, it wasn't on CNN, but last night when I was stalling bedtime (yes, I procrastinate going to sleep too) I caught the tail end of "American Experience" on PBS, about David Vetter, a.k.a. Bubble Boy.

Now like most of my generation, I only know about "Bubble Boy" as a movie that John Travolta was in, and there was some stupid teen movie and was featured in Seinfeld. Didn't really think much of it, and I knew very little about it.

But after watching the documentary and also reading about it, I have to say that it's one of the saddest stories I've ever read. David being put into a sterile isolation 20 seconds after he's born because he had effectively, no immune system, and living in the plastic space for 12 years before a failed bone marrow transplant ultimately ravaged him with hundreds of cancer tumors. Reading about it was sad, but watching the documentary and seeing the photos of the poor boy, who looked polite but genuinely sad in the photos, and listening to all the people who have helped and watched over David, and even his Mom, whom only got to touch her son only once before his death, was just terribly sad. I couldn't imagine how any of them had cope with this for 12 long years, but the photos of David looking into the camera, resigned and sheepishly hopeful, has been lingering in my mind.

The Fool

Of course, today's April 1st and though I haven't played any pranks, I was a victim of one nonetheless. I admit, I was a little baffled at Google announcing their "Paper Archive" feature on their email, I have to say that I only bought it because I read it last night, not realizing that it was indeed April 1st, and that the cost of printing and mailing your documents was free due to ad placements on the copies. Why is that plausible? Because they offer so many cool features free anyhow, why not?

The Hopeful

I'm highly skeptical of anything I read today, and nothing on the web has confirmed this report, but it could be plausible... though likely not. Being such a big fan of Grand Theft Auto, it is a little bummer that the new GTA will premiere on 360 and PS3, and the spanking new trailer sure got my saliva going. It stated that because of the hardware limitations of the Wii, the port will be downgraded of course for the Wii. It isn't a rumor that Nintendo's Reggie has been courting Take-Two to bring over some GTA action, but right now it actually being on the Wii is just me hoping. It would be really cool if they did though.