Sunday, July 1, 2007

I'm Charlie Brown.

We're watching "Snoopy Come Home" for the first time, and one of his first lines is, "Everything I do, I feel guilty." That sums it up for me. Even when I ebay my crap online or on Craigslist, I feel like I shouldn't be making people pay. Never give me money, lest I give it all away because I don't feel like I deserve it. After I skim the funds for an iPhone, of course.


Speaking of which, I heard that my brother in law got himself an iPhone, and I'm insanely jealous. If you're a techie like me, you probably know more than you'd care to about the iPhone. Here's 4 reasons on each side why I'd get/not get the iPhone.


1. It's got Mac OSX on it, and anyone with a Mac will attest that it has a stable, attractive, and functional user interface. Plus the touch screen with the OS is just sweet icing on the cake.

2. Internet on my phone! The real internet too, not the neutered, funky one that comes on most cell phones today.

3. WIDE SCREEN IPOD. C'mon, that's just insane. Movies on your iPod is just awesome.

4. Youtube, internet, blogging, are very integral to my survival. And doing that on an unlimited 59.99 plan is actually not that bad.

I'll Wait for a Couple Years.

1. For first gen, it is pretty sweet. But 8 gigs is still small. My selected playlist is already about 5 Gigs, and my podcasts alone are at around 5 itself. Also, no video and flash for the camera, with EDGE wireless instead of 3G? I'll wait for 2nd Gen.

2. If only I could get the iPhone without the phone... I don't talk that much on the phone, but I use the internet a long. Paying the 40 bucks just for the minutes isn't worth it. An iPod with internet access is really what I'd like.

3. Some funky stuff like no iCal, no proper word processing type program, synching through iTunes only, and a limited compatibility with 3rd party earphones? What is that all about.

4. They did a cost analysis, and for the cost of the phone and the monthly fees, it's close to $2000 for a year. Yikes.

So anyway, when they do unveil the next gen iPod, I'm probably for it. I've been dying for a video iPod, but with widescreen and touch screen coming along, I'll just wait till then.


By the way, this Snoopy is from 1972 and missing from the score and music is Vince Guaraldi and it's obvious how timeless his musical influence is on the Snoopy animation. Without it, the music sounds very dated and a little loopy.


Last night I did my last weddding, and it was luckily one that I enjoyed. The bride and groom were nice to me, the family was very kind to me, but most of all, the ceremony had limited moving, great lighting, and best of all, there was a great mix of family and friends. It was a Persian wedding, actually my second one, and it's interesting when I start recognizing songs from it.

The DJ unfortunately, was terrible. He was some kid with no DJ voice at all, seemingly reciting words from memory that often made no sense, like lines that are misplaced into random scenes. He said, "Let's give it up for the groom and bride" about three times, 2 of which had nothing to do with the bride and groom actually doing anything.

He played Norah Jones' "Don't Know Why" 3 or 4 times in the beginning - again, don't know why. When the bride and groom came in, the music started, ended abruptly, then another song started, ending abruptly, then the first one played from the beginning again.

Finally, he wanted the Father of the Groom to dance with the bride, until someone yelled, "Father of the Bride!"


This afternoon I was playing with the kids when I heard something hit the window. I thought it might be a bird and sure enough, a foot away from the window was a black and white sparrow type guy who was upright, but not moving much. I had to stare at it for a while because I wasn't even sure if it was alive, let alone a bird. It'd turn its turn a little, probably dazed and confused. When we went out to look at it and offer it some bagel, it flew off.

Our neighbor is maybe less than 10 feet from our house, which probably worked out for the bird. Any further would've caused the little bird more harm.