Friday, May 2, 2008

Even though our content is hastily structured and a little thin on actual useful information, its still fun to do the podcast with Dansen. We have gone from a badly recorded first episode to a unsynced one to finally, a cleaner record with the third. I highly suspect that number 4 will be upgraded to video. Check it out at This weekend i'll probably work on bumping up the production a bit and trying to get it on feedburner, which is one step before registering it for listing on itunes. It won't amount to much probably, but its fun to get chatty with Dansen, reminisce of Japan Radio, a college radio show that we used to do together. Only difference now is that its not broadcasting at midnight and our likelihood of being pulled over by campus cops is nil.

So here's the report of GTA IV, a rather incomplete one since I've only spent about 4 hours playing the game. The single player thus far is pretty fun, the graphics took me a while to get used to, since the lighting is now more realistic, thus the colors will be more muted. Like during a sunrise, everythings just shades of yellow and orange, which is more of a artistic choice and not a technical limitation of the console. I have to say though, Liberty City in a helicopter at night is awesome. Watching the halo of mist skirt off the surface of the water as your chopper hovers over it is something to behold. The gunplay is much improved, the radio stations are ridiculous, and the multiplayer is pretty cool - when it works. That's probably the only gripe about the ps3 multiplayer. The first day it just wasn't working, and subsequent days its been better, but a lot of games have sparse population. I'd be playing deathmatch and I would be after just one guy. But its a must have for any adult anyway, its a hard R for sure. I just purchased a cheapie bluetooth for the multiplayer which I could probably use for my computer and my phone, and my wife said, "So you're one of those people." She's refering to the people who have the headset permanently fused to their ears, people who harbor a sense of self-importance, so important that they can't miss any calls at all, but also require both their hands to do their great feats. Yes, i'll be one of those people. Except I probably wouldn't wear them outside unless I was driving. Only then. Even then.

Got my new prescription sunglasses today and they are spiffy. One of the least favorite traits I've inherited from my mom is her intolerance to sunlight glare. I used to only imagine how she felt but now I know the splitting headaches that come with a bright and sunny day.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One Hour Review

I didn't really get to dive into the game as much as I would've like, since children and GTA doesn't really mix well. And I don't really know if its because I'm running the game on standard definition, but the game actually doesn't look as good as I had envisioned it. Its still impressive for sure, but maybe I was just driving in the neighborhoods which have mediocre backgrounds. But I'm looking forward to spending more time with the game this weekend, since we're all caught up at work and I can have me some three day weekend rest and play.

I'm officially ticked at GameCrazy, which is like a bastard spinoff of Hollywood video. I've had one annoying tiff with them when they didn't have my Resident Evil 4 preorder in stock because of a delayed delivery. Then yesterday, I tried to claim my preorder and was told that I didn't even exist. My last name wasn't in there, a mispelling of my last name wasn't in there, even my phone number was non-existent. I told him that I had even signed up for a MVP account, which basically was an annual membership that alloted discounts for used games, but he said I wasn't in there. He asked rookie questions like, are you sure it was this store - and proceeded to call said store to verify that I wasn't in their system, and asked if it wasn't maybe Gamestop. Anyway, they did find my name after all, but my last name was listed as my brother's first name. So yeah, they managed to enroll me into their precious membership using me and my brother's first names as my whole name, and also losing my phone number. So no more preorders for these jokers.

In other news, I'm growing increasing agitated about a wedding that we're going to next Thursday, and they haven't even told us what time it starts. That's just ridiculous.

GTA Anticipation

Today is Happy GTA day!

I've got a pre-order so I'm fairly confident in securing a copy, although Gamecrazy has disappointed me in the past. I remember I had to wait an additional day for Resident Evil 4 because they didn't have deliveries that day, and even when they came in, nobody called. Oh well, can't expect much from a store run by teenagers for the most part.

Been a little on the tired side, but maybe i'll catch up on sleep throughout the week. Doubtful though, when I factor in GTA I doubt I will get much sleep. I anticipate getting some online play on the game, but as always, I hate to be playing the game with people who've spent hours every day honing in their skills, and therefore rendering me useless when I get in there.

Alex got a GI Joe ship and he's just enamored with it. He keeps telling me how cool it is and how the stickers look cool, and how he can fire missles and press buttons and generally rock his world. And then I thought about how kids might be moving away from traditional toys into electronic toys and videogames, and how sad a state that leaves to a child's imagination.

Found out that itunes had season 1 of "This American Life", the tv series that was on Showtime channel, on its store. I sorta heard about it before, but since I wouldn't have gotten Showtime just for that, I'm considering downloading the season for 10.99. Or maybe just wait for it to be on DVD and then just rent the thing. I just listened to the podcast and its really just so good. After every episode, I always get this uplifted, inspired sensation running through my mind, like the kind I get after watching a really good movie. Trouble is, sometimes I do get a little teary listening to it. It's a weakness I have. Its my emotional side sucumbing to life's details.

Well, this ends it for now. I expect the next post to be GTA intensive. I apologize in advance.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wondering as I'm doing right now, that perhaps I might utilize my time a little better during my breaks. Usually I break out the PSP and start watching something, but maybe I should write some creative prose during my breaks. After all, I don't usually have the time after work to do that, or I'm just too tired to consider anything creative, so maybe my writing needs to happen earlier in the day. I've heard of writers taking the mornings to just write, and then take the rest of the day off in the afternoons. I don't have that luxury, but I can adjust accordingly perhaps. Hmm. Let me think about this while I watch a movie on the PSP.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Found out that Mariokart Wii was out today, not Tuesday as I thought, so we went and got it today. I have to say, the wheel that comes with the game is a joke, a hunk of plastic that looks plain silly when you're holding it in front of you mid-air. Don't know if its just me, but the controls feel a little different than before, a little looser. But I like it overall, its a good game for the kids, though a little tougher for them to navigate than Smash Bros Brawl. Button mashing for brawl isn't quite as difficult than the precise motions needed for Mariokart.