Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogging on a nice day

I know, on a ninety degree day like this, I'm supposed to take the kids out to a park, maybe to the playground or the beach, and have a nice family day. It's been a little drab the last few days, with overcast skies and slightly coolish weather. But I might very well stay at home today, after all, The Weather Channel itself had a severe weather warning about us Washingtonians keeping cool in air-conditioned rooms and taking in lots of fluids. I don't want to disobey warnings - it just wouldn't seem very responsible of me, would it?

No, instead I'm sitting here typing this blog entry on my PS3, using the wireless keyboard and seeing the words appear on a 40 inch TV. Because I bloody well can. I don't really feel up to snuff today. Wife's at work, and the kids seem content to be playing on the computer. It's their last couple weeks of summer anyway, and this is the closest I'll come to a vacation for a little while. Perhaps when I get a little bored later, I might wander out. But it's so hot out.

I'm starting to tire a little bit of Facebook. I think the biggest reason is perhaps I seem to be one of the few people who are aware that I'm broadcasting. I choose my thoughts semi-consciously whereas other people might rant, or spew, or fart out thoughts that are showing me sides of their personality that I really rather not know. That social networking stuff is a little tiring sometimes. I might want to know what you're doing once in a while, but for god's sake, I don't want to live with you. So I might keep posting via Twitter but otherwise keep my distance.

Well, I think I need a little Rock Band now. Yes, that sounds appropriate.