Sunday, March 1, 2009

Picked up "Killzone 2" for the PS3 at Best Buy today, and they were selling generic 42 inch Plasma TVs for 600 bucks. We were this close to getting it but my conscience, who I sometimes call my wife, decided we should probably wait till the next holiday season, which I didn't mind since I'm really on the fence either way.

Having a relatively relaxing weekend. In between watching Blu Ray, fragging on Killzone, and having too much sleep, not much going on. The night before I did dream about sleeping too much, sorta like a movie within a movie type experience. Which might explain why yesterday I had a tremendous headache, because my brain was fooled into thinking that I slept for much longer, like the ballpark of 15 hours.

This morning I popped in Ratchet and Clank and didn't realize that I was only two levels away from finishing the game. So after almost a year, I finally finished the game. Its a good series though. Now I just got the other games to finish. I really gotta stop acquiring new titles.

Wife and I were talking yesterday about Alex and how hard its been lately. There were a couple of incidents in the past week whereby he openly defied my wife and I by pulling away from us even though we told him he couldn't do something. I guess in the grand scheme of things, it really doesn't amount to much but we just feel like we've never been those parents that encouraged that type of behavior. We thought we usually curbed it fast enough to not be an issue. Perhaps its just a matter of contrast as well, in that Zoe is always wanting our company, always wanting to socialize and please whereas Alex is just concerned about what he wants, when he can have it, and we are just obstacles in his quest. We were even talking about how we have to be careful about what we say so that we don't get him worked up. For instance, if we see a plane in the air, we have to think: If we point it, will he be able to see it before it gets out of view? If he doesn't see it, he will obsess about it incessantly, whining about how he really wanted to see it. Just yesterday, we left the hair salon and my wife opened the door and Alex said, "I want to open it!" Even when my wife said, I already opened it, he pulled away from her and pushed the door further. It just confounds me a little that he is so aggressive about his impulses.

Anyhow. Feeling a little bloated from Dim Sum. Time to tackle bills now.