Saturday, March 14, 2009

Something the act of consuming is just an empty rush that I can't help but partake in it.
Man, the kids are being a little tough right now. Alex didn't get to play more video games so he broke into tears. Then Zoe couldn't wait till tomorrow to open an old present so she burst into tears. Then Alex just up and leaves the dinner table without asking if he can be done. Sigh. At least its my Thursday. I think the kids are going to bed on time tonight.

This weekend is probably the last peaceful one before work gets ballistic, so I'm going to enjoy the crap out of it. If fun isn't oozing out of its orifices then I'm going to make it.

Sigh, I'm bored.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

With work possibly ramping back up next week, I'm both grateful and fearful of what that means. Happy that i'll be racking up some overtime again, so Disneyland is returning back to sights as our financial padding gets a little cosier, but I know that the more I work, the more my personality and charm, what little of it, dissipates along with the fatigue and momentum of the work week. But it should only be temporary, which is a good thing. After that it might stay busy but the emphasis to push as many units out should slow down.

I've been doing a little more of Killzone, and rather enjoying myself here and there. Whatever it is, this game manages to balance a little more out, so that the emphasis is as much teamwork as well as personal improvement. Its a little like golf, except guns and grenades are in place of clubs and balls. I just achieved my medic badge, which I'm a little fond of. I'm the sort that prefers to aid than to destroy, but mostly because I'm better at the former.

I'm getting pretty pysched about the filmracing deal. Though no actors have been finalized, I do have a handful, maybe about 10 people who want to do it. So that's encouraging. Now I just have to figure out what to do with them all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rambly McRamshackle

There's a lot to talk about, but the concept of structured prose is escaping me currently, so I'm just going to spill rhymes like a sick poet, yo.


So, B and M came down to spend the day but since the icy conditions impeded their way home yesterday, they stayed the night and got their Rock Band on. Is always nice to see them, and Kieran is one happy little baby, smiling at everyone who glances his way. The kids no doubt had fun too, staying up late and partaking in recreational drugs.

B and I went to watch Watchmen yesterday, and I got exactly what I wanted to see, a live action version of the comic. Actually, I never did read the comic, just the animated version that probably skips a lot of details. The film skips even more, but its a vivid recreation as far as I can tell. I'm also fairly impressed with the action, though the skinny dude who plays Adrian has the kind of face you'd rather see on the side of a milk carton than on a movie screen. But Patrick Wilson, the guy who plays Rorshack, and the guy who plays the Comedian are good. I don't know how to perceive it as a film though, kinda wish I went into it completely fresh and see how the film would've worked without prior knowledge of plot or characters. But still, glad I got to see it.

Well, did put up some notices on craigslist on acquiring talent for the 12 hour film fest, and the response has been better than expected. About 10 acting interests so far. I don't really know what I'm planning to do quite yet, whether to be selective of my cast or simply cast everyone and have a giant esemble piece. Who knows. I think the awesome side effect is that I meet these people and I can use them for later projects. I guess I'm a little versatile that way, I can write things that fit people, rather than have it the other way round. I suppose I'm playing up to people strengths in a weird way, instead of challenging them to step outside themselves. But I got another week to go to review these "auditions", then I'll have to come up with something.

Had no idea today was daylight savings. Kinda lost an hour. Sigh.