Friday, May 1, 2009

Perhaps doing a time sensitive film project at the end of two weeks of overtime laden work was not such a good idea after all.

So after months of anticipation, I walk away from this experience slightly crushed, because I didn't really pull it off, at least not to my standards. The film was not complete when I drove it to a destination I didn't know how to get to, and when I saw the signs on the freeway that delays should be expected and I had 15 minutes to go, I just turned around knowing that it would be a disservice to everyone to submit the incomplete film. So I had the heady task of telling everyone that we didn't make it. And now I'll be spending some time reediting it as well as punching it up with some bloopers and such before posting it online and sending DVDs to folks.

Seriously, in that time frame I was up for almost 40 hours straight with only about 4 hours of sleep. I had to work in the morning at 5:30, went to bed after finishing the script at 1am, then woke up at 5am again to pack and move out. Didn't get back to bed till about 10 something at night. Needless to say, I was fatigued and mentally exhausted.

But I did meet some nice folks, most of which may not even want to work with me since I missed the deadline, but I'd like to work with them. So we will see. Dave asked me if it helped motivate me to begin doing creative things again, and the short answer is yes. Mostly to do something that improves on this one, which was restricted by time and theme.

This weekend it should be all edited and done, so hang tight...