Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Story from my Wife from Last Week

Alex lost his speck today
Where it went we cannot say
A piece of paper round and small
From his hand it did fall

Oh little speck where did you go
This little boy he loves you so
We have to find this little speck
If we don't I'll sure get heck

This day is ruined we cannot play
Cause Alex lost his speck today
Little boy will sit and fret
Because he's lost this little speck

This is a true story. He found a little piece of paper which he lost and he was really worried all the way home because the windows were opened and he didn't wan't the speck to get out.
Silly boy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

One thing that's good/bad about Twitter and Facebook is that I do a lot of microblogging, so the guilt of not writing on the blog is slowly dispensed through my phone 147 characters at a time. So the need to blog is cut down quite a bit, which can be unfortunate for my wife, who's such a fan of my writing that often she shuns the real me to see if I wrote on my blog.

Anyway, been working entirely too much lately, since Monday it would've been 60 hours or so, which is really quite crazy since last week and next will likely be the same. It culminates in the 24 hour film festival on the last day, so we will see if fatigues claims my brain and my story idea would just be, "Yodeling in tights" or something completely unoriginal.

Not sure if its the work or not, but the kids seem to be on some hidden agenda to drive my wife and I to the brink of sanity. Alex got upped his obsessiveness to 11, and Zoe's got more attitude and sass than her tiny self can contain sometimes. The kids bicker back and forth and the soundwaves that emit from that is actually turning my hair gray. I'm actually sporting a balding pate on my head but a well placed rug conceals my shameful hair loss.

My Rock Band Obsession keeps growing, even though the news trickles slowly and some of it isn't even really news. For instance, Paul McCartney performed at Coachella recently and he's got possible RB Beatles footage behind him, and it looks cool. Also, the other thing I found out today was a "Jukebox" mode in RB, which is basically letting the game perform the song with the in game characters without actually playing the instruments. Basically, a music video jukebox. A lot of the songs on the game is music I'd listen to anyhow, so that's a really good feature to mess around with.

Today I just realized Eeeny Meeny Miny Mo is a complete setup. It's an illusion of choice. What a disconcerting revelation to my childhood.

Anyway, gotta chill now. Have to go back to work tomorrow. Sigh.