Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Day 449 of Clown Day

It started pretty early today, at precisely the moment I put on my new underwear that I bought from Walmart. Evidently, their Mediums tend to either run a bit small, or I've been consuming way too much sugary confections. Anyway, it was a tight fit and I think it was a precursor to the kind of day I would be having. Not a bad one, just one that's really off.

When I was at work, I noticed that the "new guy" who isn't really new anymore, the one who grew a mustache in order to fit in with the rest of the guys, had shaved as well. It's like, c'mon, man. You're not going to even let me be the only guy not having any facial hair, you selfish bastard? It was funny and not at the same time, of course, if he starts showing up with my haircut and glasses, then it's time for me to skedaddle.

The rest of the day I just had weird little incidents, like items not being on my sales order, weird problems here and there, stuff like that. It was slightly contagious as well, my co-workers were having a little odd day too. At one point my supervisor called me for a meeting, and when I sat with her, she decided that it would be a good to begin with a metaphor about eggs, and baking cakes for a bakery. Really, she was just trying to tell me that once items are allocated to a sales order, it isn't necessary a wise idea to remove them and reallocate them to another order, due to the priority that the latter order had needed. That was really all she had to say, but she launched into the metaphor about cakes, me being a co-owner of a bakery, wedding cakes, and I gotta say, if I didn't already knew what she was trying to tell me, i would be even more confused because the cake metaphor sucked badly. It was more cluttered than needed to be. Anyway, then she started showing me how to do certain things on a computer, most of which really I had nothing to do with. But whatever.

But the evening with the kids was rather boring. I opted to spend some time on the computer instead of playing with them, and watched some Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law. You wouldn't think that a show about a superhero who's an attorney would be interesting, but it sorta is.


I took my first steps toward ownership of a PSP today, I saw a rather good deal on a 4 gig memory card, so I bought it. It felt naughty.

Guess I'm just getting the core model instead of the Daxter model.


I've been admiring the Slingbox lately, even though I'll probably never get it because I'm never away from home long enough to warrant one. Basically, it's a unit you hook up to your cable or DVR, and it'll let you control your TV through the internet and stream programming wirelessly through the internet to your computer, allowing you to watch TV. It's handy for those who travel a lot, but for a guy like me, it wouldn't be very useful at all. But still, it's pretty cool technology. Affordable too.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Here, Let me brew you a cup of Self-Loathing.

Alright, I shouldn't be such a pain in the ass about the moaning and bitching. It probably isn't really that bad at all, but man, there are times when it just feels that way. Anyhow, today just happened to be one the them days. But first...


So Zoe turned 3 on Friday, so we decided to do something interesting instead of just sitting around watching the kids play with the presents. Well, there was that, but we also went to the Seattle Aquarium to look at some fish, and also the Seattle Library as well. The Library was actually less interesting this time around, and even if it was the coolest thing in the world, I brought the wrong lens anyway, so I didn't get a lot of great shots. Just a couple here and there.

The kids did have a rather fun day, although there was a lot of walking, and Zoe got into a bunch of time-outs because her ears were something not processing basic instructions. Seems like they're both three now, so they're both equally crazy, inattentive to our demands, and stubborn. But we still had a pretty good day. We took the bus downtown and the trip down was terrible for me due to my spectacular feat of motion sickness, but the way back was better. Alex fell asleep on the bus so I carried him all the way home pretty much, about 4 blocks or something. That boy is heavy.

One of the highlights was that Zoe got a princess cake, as is shown in some of the earlier photos. Now that cake is fancy looking at all, but it is 45 bucks and it tasted a little like they used sugary Crisco for the frosting. The cake itself was pretty normal, but the frosting was just murder. I did the dishes and I couldn't get the stuff off my hands.

So yeah, she turned three, and we didn't do anything big, but just right for us.


I was originally going to do a video post, and toyed with the idea so much that I did a test on podcastpeople.com which sucked, since their bandwidth had limitations. Then I did one on Twango which also sucked, since they were doing something odd with their video and it didn't stream. Finally, I tried Youtube which worked okay, except tonight the servers were busy or something so I couldn't even get in to start on my video. Finally, I thought I might do it old school, but after a short blurb, I decided I didn't really like the way I looked.

Which brings us to today. Wasn't the greatest dad today, just tired, snapping at the kids, and being impatient with them. Didn't feel like spending any real time with them today, and really just wanted them to be quiet little mice who were out of my way. I know, it's tremendously selfish and terrible, and I'm not proud of it. I've just been feeling overwhelmed by them recently, because they've turned into toddlers with attitudes. I had no idea toddlers fought with each other or me that much, but I believe this is probably common of siblings who are about the same age. They just get into it so often that I get tired of all the bickering.

But so not only did I not do the video podcast, the self-loathing even manifested into dismemberment of my facial follicles. I don't know, maybe it's been bugging me a while, or maybe I just got a tad self-destructive, or maybe I just didn't want to look like my co-workers at work, but I shaved my mustache. I was going to sleep on it, but after thinking about my last time at work, I just chose to disassociate my looks with them.

See, I thought that a lot of Asians didn't have facial hair, so I was kinda wearing it like it was something unique. Well, the two co-workers have facial hair as well, so I didn't stand out within them, forming a kind of stupid 'tache club. Furthermore, Friday one of the guys was just so damn lazy, and also I noticed the other new guy in shipping was starting to grow his out, so I just thought that it wasn't unique anymore. It became almost odd to have one along with the other guys. I don't know, it's not like I want to look special or anything, but I really don't want to blend in with those bums. The guy on Friday seriously pissed me off. His work ethic was something I thought only existed in theory. Self-imposed breaks, bathroom breaks, and he mentioned that I was working too hard. And I said to him, "I'm just working."

My face looks weird. I feel pale, and slightly naked, but I'll get over it. Somehow maybe after shaving it'll seem like I've changed somehow, and I can be a better dad tomorrow. I just wish that sometimes the kids could see how much they're frustrating me, and how much easier it could be if they just observed a few rules.


I experimented with some beer this weekend, trying Boddingtons Ale after seeing it on Diggnation's podcast. I'm not a drinker, but this beer is tolerable, even slightly enjoyable for it. Though I'm not sure if it's due to the taste, or rather the gimmick - or should I say, widget, that is part of the beer.

Droughtflow it's called, and it's a little plastic capsule that stores nitrogen in the can. When the can is cracked, the nitrogen rushes out the hole and reacts with the CO2 that's in the beer, and it bubbles to form a creamy head similar to what I guess is Ale from the tap at the Pub. I have no basis for comparison, so I'll just have to take it for what it is. But on the technical aspect of it, it's pretty cool. It's a British Ale, and it's only a buck and some change, so it's worth a try. If not just for the widget.