Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

It's 20 minutes till 10 pm and we're sitting at the park fountain, waiting for the fireworks to begin. We travelled extremely light this time, not lugging any chairs or coolers or wagon. We planned to watch a movie and then go to the park with just an hour to kill or so. We ended up catching Wall*e about 40 minutes earlier, mostly because we didn't know what to do about dinner. But a couple sandwiches and the dinner problem is solved. Although the tough hoagie sandwich hurt my teeth.

Wall*e is a phenomenal movie, essentially a truly visual movie that isn't cluttered with filler dialogue to move the plot along, just action and visual gags. The characters are wonderfully endearing, with Walle infused with a kind of nurturing Chaplinesque quality who is brave without any traditional heroics. Eve on the other hand, drives the action and the heroics. She's the one using the tradtional male type conventions to get results, saving the populace, rescuing Walle. Of course, it geeks me out big time that when Walle boots up after a solar recharge, it's the same chime as a Mac booting up. Walle's a mac!

We're having a pretty good day today, even though we are spending quite a bit of money on overpriced food. Oh well, what good is it if you can't spend it? I was tempted to get a bluetooth keyboard so that I could pair it up with the ps3 and the laptop, but not for 80 bucks. Too spendy.

Well, the fireworks are over and although we were the first wave of folks in our cars, we were immediately stalled in traffic. Took about five minute before I just reparked and got out. We are now sitting outside a closed Red Robin, waiting for the traffic.

Rented the Spiderwick Chronicles and Rambo on Blu-Ray, as well as Assassin's Creed. That PS3 on my table is now getting tons of use. Of course I'm still playing GTA IV and repicked up Half Life 2, which is fun but hard as hell. Talk about a total lack of direction, which relies on the player's curiosity and common sense to get from point A to B.

Anyway, the waiting continues.