Sunday, October 17, 2010

Great Dead Redemption

Wasn't thinking about Red Dead Redemption much when I put it into the PS3, wasn't quite sure where the story was going since it took an unexpected turn, but after playing about an hour of it the game took yet another turn that got me quite by surprise. And when I thought that the game would be over by then, it once again kept going. Those writers at Rock Star really have something going. If they turned screenwriters they would do well for themselves, though one would believe they're making far more money with games then they ever would with movies.

Had a good day with the family today, just going down to the park and spending time with them made me think about how much I've missed them. In a way, my crankiness and impatience really just seems like a cloak that I pull over my eyes to cope with how little I see them and spend quality time with them. When I have an extended amount of time with my family, I do genuinely enjoy them, as they seem to do with me.

But another week appears, and we all have to contribute to our respective roles. I'm hoping in the new few weeks, I will be able to get positioned somewhere else in the company because I'm sick of the same old thing. I'm more or less ready for some change because currently I'm just an able body in an underrated job. I'm valued but not appreciated.

Anyhow, let me try out this new video thingie here.

YouTube Video