Saturday, December 6, 2008

There's been a bunch of stuff happening lately but due to general sloth-like behavior and just plain busy-ness, I've been putting it off. But you know, better late than never I suppose.

We had some meeting at work and without hashing out the whole scenerio, I basically won fifty bucks that day which caused a bit of passive aggressive envy at work, since everyone had the opportunity to win it but I got it first. And later on, I figured with all the Christmas and New Years days off, if I took 4 PTO days off in between Christmas and New Years, I would essentially have almost two weeks off. So I asked and it was approved. I don't have any plans for my unplanned vacation, but maybe that's a good thing. I'm quite pleased with myself with all those days off. But when I got home, I found out that my traffic ticket was deferred, but my fine was still a buck fifty. Merry Christmas to me.

Yesterday we were at Costco for Diet Coke and Batteries (for our coke-soaked batteries on our tougue habits) and we reached a fever pitch frenzy HDTV lust. We were actually pretty damn close to getting one, probably what stopped us were car seats and the inkling of common sense that my wife had I had left. The more we thought about it though, the more problems came up. Can we afford it? Even if we could get hd programming, how does it affect the other two analog TVs in our home? What do we do with the 34 inch we already have? Do I move my PS3 to the living room? Can we afford the HDMI cables, the entertainment center and the assortment switchers? How can I find a job that lets me what TV the whole day? Honestly, the best thing to do is just to wait another year, and we will inevitably get more bang for the buck. You can get a 47 inch for about a grand, but next year it could easily be the 60 inch for the same price. Maybe.

Oh yeah, I received and installed my new 320 gig hard drive in my PS3 and it is sweetness. No longer do I have to worry about demos sucking up too much space, and I actually have all my home videos on the ps3 now. They are of a low ipod quality, but it serves its purpose just fine. I'm currently downloading more HD content and sticking it on the PS3. Dork utopia.

Well, there should be some kid related news now but I can't think of any. I'll post when some comes to mind. Middle of Target in the toy aisle right now and my sensory nodes are smoking.