Saturday, February 7, 2009

Work this week has been a testament to my sanity, there's absolutely nothing to do but we have to look busy, especially for our much esteemed visitors from the Federal government. So this weekend has a welcome change whereby I'm intentionally doing nothing.

And nothing it has been, we are trying not to go out too much because our budget is being monitored, but at the same time I've never been a big fan of going out just to get out.

Right now we are watching Inspector Gadget on Roku, and I really should stay away from this series because I used to be real big on the cartoon, especially the theme song. Used to sing the darn thing like it was my birthday song. Now in perspective, its actually a sweet little show because they got Gadget for his gadgets and comedy, but Penny's an awesome role model for the girls because she's always taking care of business, even though she does delegate a lot of the stunts and labor to Brain, her male dog.

Other than that, I managed to hook up with Kenneth in Singapore to get some gaming in, and now that I've basically pressured him into the Rock Band universe, the music has taken over and he is now losing hours of his day to the game, very much like me. He does have a social life to offset that though, so he's more normal than I am. I'm contend to stay home and chill.

I wonder if the kids notice the quality difference in the cartoons? Inspector Gadget versus something like Mickey Mouse clubhouse, which is all CG and shiny big budgeted educational material. They don't seem to mind I think, plus cartoons of yesterday always have a tinge of wrongness to it. Something smoking, carrying a gun, or making a joke at the end of an episode that no one finds funny.

Well, shows ending and my wit's drying up faster than...