Saturday, September 27, 2008

Double the Dork

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Super Scanning Post

Early high school photo, possibly freshman year? I look really Chinese here. For some reason, I don't like photos like these, the backdrop with the distant stare. The only time I see them is on the news when people go missing and that's the photo they choose to use.

Daddy and Zoe

Scan20002, originally uploaded by diegomcnamara.

I couldn't get the scanner to get all the photo, but that was her drawing of us. Something about the way she draws eyes are interesting. Just huge circles that seem outerworldly.


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This is one of my favorite drawings that Zoe made. It's so simple and cute, without anything extra to clutter it up.

Levitating Cap

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Zoe was pretty proud that she accidently drew a cap so she drew someone below it.


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Dug up this drawing I did for Japanese class in high school and my wife didn't believe that I drew it. Of course, nowadays the teacher would've flunked me immediately since there's no tolerance for this sort of thing.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I was looking at how many posts I've done for this blog as compared to my old American Babies post and I'm barely halfway to what I used to do. But I suppose a few years and a couple infants is a lot of material to work with, whereby me working a lot and being a cranky ass isn't really blog worthy.

So far, I'm having a pretty good weekend. The bosses at work didn't call me in today even though they technically could, so I basically have a 4 day birthday weekend. I didn't really do much yesterday, my present was my iPod from a couple weeks ago, so there were no toys to speak of. My mom did give me a bit of cash, but alas, the three games that I really want don't come out till later.

Rock Band 2, Bioshock and Little Big Planet, FYI.

So being 32 didn't really mean a whole lot, but I did like it more than 31 simply because it rolled off the tongue a little better. We ate at Dairy Queen, and I watched Alex act a little too wacky for his first soccer lesson. And I played a buttload of PS3, including earning a lot of trophies for Burnout Paradise, which received a nice little patch yesterday. It meant me deleting my save file, but I wasn't really that far in the game so I didn't mind much. Also finally made a rather stumbly transition to Rock Band Hard, but I do well enough to stay in the game. For now anyway. It's interesting because the songs that were too easy on medium is just perfect for me in Hard. The songs that were fun in Medium are now melting my brain in Hard. But man, Rock Band 2 will make me a happy little clam because of a couple new things. Freestyle mode means I don't have to hook it up to the Mac anymore, and Steve Miller on Rock Band is a good thing for me.

Was going through the garage looking for the soccer ball and I sorted through some of my old junk and came across a lot of stupid things I should've thrown out a long time ago. But I did find some interesting things that I'll share later, including a drawing that my wife didn't believe that I drew. More later. Soccer now.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Mostly stalling while Vimeo convert my stop motion project with the kids. I wanna put it on there so that they could watch it online tomorrow.

Anyhow, we decided to go to the playground earlier today and Zoe was just having a really tough time. At first there was a cute little girl named Emma, whom I suspect is an only child who thinks other children are somehow invincible or at least enjoyed being manhandled, was being a little pushy with Zoe. Zoe was polite, but then Emma at one point walked over with a handful of sand and placed it on Zoe's head. Then she threw some sand after the parents calmly told her it wasn't nice. So off she went. Zoe was pretty okay about the whole thing, which I was glad.

But then later, a nearby place just finished up a birthday party and gave the two kids balloons, which they were pretty happy about. But Zoe's flew away and boy, when that little girl walked toward me sobbing it broke my manly heart. I felt so bad for her that her brother and her had a strawberry creme Frappacino with chicken nuggets for dinner.

So yeah, I'm either the best or worst father in the world.

Anyway, video's done. Here you go.

Sunday Stop Motion Project. from diegomcnamara on Vimeo.