Saturday, August 18, 2007

What the Hell Happened to the Internet?

Obviously, I've been living in some kind of hole, the kind that doesn't have internet access because there's been slight evolutions that I've been aware of. Of course, this all has nothing to do with anyone else, but I'm writing about it anyway.

Flickr upgraded their uploading process and it rocks. For a while, their uploading sucked so bad that you had to use third party software to effectively upload multiples. Now you can do it within the browser and it doesn't freak out or crash. I got all my pics uploaded with nary a problem. Except the fact that they only still let you show 200 most recent photos if you're a free member. I got around that simply by tagging my photos with a unique name, so that fools it. 25 bucks a year for storage is a little steep considering that imagestation does it all for free.

I learned about and tried it, since I've been waiting to vlog a little more after abandoning it. It just took too much time to record, encode, upload, and do post production that I just let it go. But I still think about it from time to time, and podcastpeople lets you record it directly online, thus elimating a ton of steps. Anyway, did my post, and then it said that I exceeded the free limit. So it's like, well, screw you then. I tried Twango and since they got acquired by Nokia, it's streaming flash videos were recorded just fine, but could only be downloaded. DOH. Finally I tried Youtube, which I have tried before, and it actually worked just fine. The quality ain't something to brag about, but since it's just my uggo face on there, I think it improves the podcast. So look for it soon, vlogging to return every now and then.


I was going to post about Zoe's birthday, but I think I'll do it on the vlog.

Video Tested on Twango and then Transferred to Youtube because Twango doesn't stream

Zoe's 3rd Birthday

Zoe's 3rd Birthday, originally uploaded by nloi.

45 dollar cake

45 dollar cake, originally uploaded by nloi.

Stuck Van

Stuck Van, originally uploaded by nloi.

Pirate Pig

Pirate Pig, originally uploaded by nloi.

Outgoing Octopus

Outgoing Octopus, originally uploaded by nloi.

Shy Octopus

Shy Octopus, originally uploaded by nloi.

The Octopus Stole my Babies!

The Octopus Stole my Babies!, originally uploaded by nloi.

Seattle Public Library

Seattle Public Library, originally uploaded by nloi.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham, originally uploaded by nloi.

Sam I Am.

DSC_8578, originally uploaded by nloi.

Pollock Pig

Pollock Pig, originally uploaded by nloi.


Princess, originally uploaded by nloi.


Kids, originally uploaded by nloi.


DSC_8513, originally uploaded by nloi.

Zoe and Sally Ann

DSC_8514, originally uploaded by nloi.

Proud Boy.

Proud Boy., originally uploaded by nloi.

He made a square all by himself.

Hearing Problems?

Hearing Problems?, originally uploaded by nloi.


Cutey., originally uploaded by nloi.

So cool

So cool, originally uploaded by nloi.


Unicorny., originally uploaded by nloi.

Zoe gets Tatted.

DSC_8484, originally uploaded by nloi.

3 and Tattooed.

3 and Tattooed., originally uploaded by nloi.

Falling Stars

Falling Stars, originally uploaded by nloi.

The Look of Sheer Terror.

The Look of Sheer Terror., originally uploaded by nloi.


DSC_8443, originally uploaded by nloi.

Sticker Boy

DSC_8444, originally uploaded by nloi.

He thought he was pretty cool with stickers on his face.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Tires Must be Bald

From all the wheel spinning I'm doing.

Trying to edit on the weekend is like trying to play ketchup in a Tomato factory. Awkward and not easy.

Worst. Metaphor. Ever.

Anyway, I thought that my Musing post must be quite spectacular, considering I'm on my 178th post. Then I looked at American Baby/Babies/Family, and it's in the neighborhood of 700 plus. Granted, I had more interesting things to post then, but man, there's a lot of catching up to do.

But yeah, trying to edit and I'm caught between wanting to just relax and surf/play games, and trying to do some actual editing. And kid wrangling. These kids are like animals, they don't smell fear per se, but they smell your inattention, and they go do something completely inappropriate. If I take my eyes off the kids for a moment, the next moment is usually me screaming at burning drapes that are smeared with monkey poop while the kids are releasing safety valves to the incinerator. Laugh now, it's more common than you think.

Zoe's latest thing is she's drawing on the walls, so my wife's been quite upset at her for doing that. I'm actually disappointed that she's not doing something less cliche, but what else can you ask from a 2 year old? It's never like, oh, I look away and the next moment she's building a time machine from sticks or something. Surprise me.

Yesterday was like a banner day for them. Alex decided to poop his pants at the playground (I know accidents happen, but I also know the difference between an accident and not caring. Alex is usually the latter.) so we had to go home, with me dragging his crying poopy butt all the way home. It wasn't pleasant for any of us, but you know, when I poop my pants, I have to go home too. People at work seem to not appreciate it one bit. And then yesterday night, while they were watching TV, I looked up from picking up the toys and Zoe was pulling Alex's hair. He didn't mind it much, since pulling short hair doesn't really hurt, but man, Zoe panics when Daddy yells, "HEY!" So she got put to bed right away. I suppose Alex is pretty good because as bothersome he can be with his sister, he usually doesn't hit much.


iTunes, why do you bombard me with four consecutive Billy Joel songs? Bastard.


So on Friday I did my first overtime shift. 10 hours. The team didn't really need it, but hey, they're paying the tab, so who am I to judge? The supervisors weren't there, which was more annoying because they had threatened to place "volunteers" into positions if they didn't volunteer. And then they get to stay home themselves. Twats.

I realize that I probably come across as a bit of a snob at work, which is a little untrue. I'm not antisocial or prejudiced against ESL workers, in fact I do enjoy talking to my coworkers. But the thing is, the conversation doesn't ever dive too deeply, and none of the guys really talk tech or games or movies, which is like my thing. So a lot of times, I've got my iPod on and I'm working independently, instead of the group mentality they seem to embrace over there.

I was laughing at the guys because last week, everyone was sitting around trying to guess who weighed what. And this week, everyone was sitting around guessing how tall everyone was. And they talked about drinking. Almost nobody seemed to care that PSP is coming out with a slimmer version in September.

Anyway, I was just zoned out yesterday because the lack of sleep all week does it to me. Truth is, I can't sleep any earlier because after the 10 1/2 hours of work, I come home to kids, and after the kids go to bed, I've only got an hour before I claim 6 hours of sleep. Of course, I don't do that, since I want to know more than just work and kids, trying to keep in touch with the outside world and all.

But next week's paycheck should be sweet.

Now if I can just figure out how to spend less than I make.