Saturday, April 4, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Couples Who Drum Together, Stay Together

Life in 3D

Alex just asked me why I was in 3D.

So we went to "Monsters Vs. Aliens" and we had a pretty interesting experience. Alex's history with 3D pictures hasn't been great, since the last venture involved IMAX and dinosaurs, it ended up with him at the back of the theater hiding behind walls. So there was a lot of coaxing this time round, showing him how it looked through the lens without putting the glasses on him, and also some candy to distract him. After every trailer, he would take his glasses off, thinking that the movie would start and would scare him, but in the end he just left the glasses on because the movie wasn't scary at all. It was fun but man, it was fourty plus bucks even though it was a matinee.

Last week I was simply close to death from fatigue because I had two 50 hour work weeks back to back, and then a busy weekend of Bellingham and anniversary, so I took Thursday off of work, since there wasn't anything to do at work anyway. So now my schedule feels completely off because I have 4 days off and I only really needed some extra sleep is all. Today feels like Saturday even though it's only Friday.

But for our anniversary, we went to the Gold Class Cinema in Redmond and got a little pampered, which is another word for awkward, really. It was a traditional multiplex that was converted to a poshy movie-going experience. So you pay 32 bucks or so per person for a ticket, and you get to reserve your seating and order some dinner. When you go into the theater, you sit in the lounge area and have some drinks, all of which gets charged to your tab. Elaine had a Bud Light and I just sucked on a Diet Coke and popcorn. As the movie times got closer, we got nervous a bit due to old habits, but our waiter escorted us into the theater. There were big comfy recliners in the theater, four seats in the middle, 2 on each side, and about 6 or 8 rows I suppose. The recliners had push button reclining action, and compartments for stowing away your coke stash or whatever you brought with you. There was also a call button for waiters and such, and blankets could be requested if needed. The movie "Duplicity" was not a bad movie, but perhaps not particularly noteworthy either. It's a nice treat for sure, once you resign that you're going to spend about 70 bucks for a movie experience for two, and kinda be aware of what you're going to order and not go bananas over the menu. Definitely don't order that 300 dollar bottle of wine for your first date.

Yesterday I decided to get a second drum set for Rock Band. I'm still trying to get a good setup so that I could hook it up through Garageband and have me a fake drum set, but there are some latency issues and lag that makes it a little ineffective for actual practice. But we played drums together today and I gotta say, nothing cooler than playing with your wife in unison. Talk about playing together.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary and Etc

Happy Anniversary to my wife first of all, to whom I've been married to for six years now, but have probably loved my whole life. Just didn't know her before that. She's my best friend, the better half of me who fills up all the deficiencies I have and patches all my insecurities with her love and trust. She truly loves me in all my core whether we be living in a mansion with exotic pets and nude sculpted man servants or in a tiny little bungalow with a magazine and half a couch. I'm happy that she's my one and only and like I told her in the car, it's really like I was supposed to marry her because it just would not make any logical sense for me not to.

We don't have much planned for today because we were out yesterday at Bellingham and I worked a super full week, 50 hours of joyous awesomeness, but we are going to a fancy movie. That is, a regular movie in a fancy theater, where there are only a group of twin seats, with dinner and probably nude sculpted man servants as waiters, serving up exotic pets. Who knows. But we'll be spending some time together and having some couple time, since my mom's kind enough to watch them kids. It should be fun.

Yesterday was a good day as well, because we got to go up to Bellingham and my wife got to see her girls pretty much the whole day, the kids got to play with each other, and I got to play Rock Band. We didn't get home till 1am, which was a bit of a treacherous journey, since on the way back it actually snowed hard between Bellingham and Burlington, somewhere in there. The freeway was whited out almost, and it was like driving in warp speed with all the hard snow flying at us. We were actually chugging at 40mph and slipping a little. Insane.

Between the awesome Chinese food, the mind numbing RB, the really good Papa Murphy's pizza, perhaps a rather dubious history making tidbit is to be entered into my autobiography. Jake had purchased a moped and he was silly enough to trust me on it, so I took my first moped ride yesterday. Went up and down and street and completely fogged up the helmet with my nervous pants, but it was fun. Wouldn't get one for myself anytime soon though, I got really cold just from going at a leisurely speed.

Well, better get to the anniversary plans.