Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I don't know about the name per se, mostly because I don't think it means anything (though I googled it and it's the name of Billy Ray Cyrus' daughter, who plays Hannah Montana, which is evidently really big with tweens) but that's the name of my wife's niece new baby. She's pretty cute, a little one with a lot of squeaks and grunts. We drove to three different hospitals before we found them, but it was nice to see the baby. Our kids are now so big that it's a little odd to think that they were that size for a while.

But seriously, my wife had one hospital in mind, I had a phantom one in mind, we went to the wrong one, and finally just 411-ed and deduced our way to the hospital. One of the times that the numbered streets in Bellevue actually helped.


So I've been offered to be an early adopter of Vudu, which is like Netflix of sorts. It's not too bad to try out, spending 99 bucks for the unit rather than the usual 399, and then getting 99 bucks in movie credits, which equals, you guessed it, free. Now I have Blockbuster anyway, and that's doing me pretty good there. So I'm not completely sure if I'm still going to do it or not. All I'm thinking of is how much I can sell the thing for, or whether or not I can turn it into a DVR or media server. Likely not. Probably get me in trouble too.


So I heard from my contractor recruiter person dude that I should be a full time employee by next week, which is weird hearing from him rather than a representative of the company. Work's been going a bit rough. I don't mind the hard work, the labor, the repetitiveness and the odd dependency that management seems to put on me solely, probably because I'm more likely to get things done and right at that. What I do mind is that some of the employees excel absolutely at being slackers. Most of the people I gather go there and work, fine. But my group tends to have a rather unhealthy attitude toward work, one especially brings his cell phone, text messages all the time, and I've never seen anyone pretend to work so hard that it could be its own occupation. He blocks his stances like an actor to minimize getting caught. He'll stick his hand and phone into a box to look like he's arranging something. He's probably the worst worker I've ever worked with. But other than seething quietly with discontent, I don't say much in ways of discouraging him. I figured I'll just put in my time, and if a certain rumor and recommendation pans out, I shouldn't even be in shipping much longer. But since that's simply a rumor and recommendation, I'm not banking on it quite yet.


So I've been watching a ton of movies on the PSP lately, more so than podcasts, even though those are free. So after "Letters from Iwo Jima" and "Million Dollar Baby", I had wanted something a little lighter, so I watched "The Breakfast Club." Yeah, I'm one of those people who've never seen the whole thing, just bits and pieces. And I have to say that it still holds up pretty well after, wow, 27 years. Well, except that the characters are all pretty good looking, and the ending is still very much forced. But it was nice to see a piece of film history as it were. I think Anime's next on the list. But I swear, the PSP has given me a lot of chances to watch movies that I usually pass over due to time contrains. I don't want to watch slower or sadder movies usually, but so far aside from the 2 I mentioned, I also caught "Syriana", "21 Grams", and the very excellent "Zodiac".