Saturday, May 19, 2007

I have to pee, then work...

So this will be a quick post.


Alex is getting the hang of it! We explored bribing, being nice and patient about potty training, even giving him Nintendo DS privilege when he's sitting on the potty, but both of our most matter of factly tricks finally worked. He has a 85-90% success rate during the day now, and he's been going to the potty, for the most part, unsolicited. What finally did it in was us agreeing that if he goes in his pants, he's going to have to take off his wet pants himself, put the pants in the sink, wash his hands, and wipe himself. And after about two days of that, he started to catch on a bit. My wife also had to come home prematurely a few times because he wet himself, so he's finally starting to understand the rationale behind going to the potty. He only missed going once today, but that's still pretty good. He actually already had one day with no accidents, so hopefully this will keep up.

You know, nobody ever makes a big deal when I go potty. Give me treats. Sigh.


So I've been trying out facial hair for a while - and I haven't been too happy about the way it's growing. It's not like, whoa, it's a keeper. I have to grow more hair now. It's more like... Huh. Is is supposed to look like pubic hair on my face? Why the hell is it standing out like it's out to spear errand food, or lean toward the sun for photosynthesis? It isn't the thick growth of hair usually associated with a mustache, but more of a smattering of hair. It's like the one time Calvin got Hobbes to draw some lines on his head because he had accidently shaven off his hair. I told my wife it's like someone took a Sharpie to my upper lip.

So I thought, maybe when I get my haircut, I'll look less like I'm auditioning for Asian Jesus and more like, I dunno, cool. Alas, my wife cut my hair a little too short, just a smidget above a crew cut with odd tuffs of long bangs in the front. Yesterday morning I went downstairs and told my wife, "I look like a motorcycle cop."

She laughs, and I'm pretty proud of myself that it got a laugh.

And she keeps laughing.

And I'm thinking... Well, it's not that funny.

And she's still laughing.

And I'm thinking... Oh my god, she's laughing because IT'S TRUE!

Crew cut with a goofy mustache, I look like Steven Zahn in "National Security". Ah well, I got a job seminar on Monday and though I've read that the company isn't real picky about looks, I'm very likely going to shave unless Tom Selleck appears to me in a dream and tells me to be more patient with my lip coat.

Don't worry, I'll likely put some self-indulgent photos before it gets shorn off.


Speaking of jobs, yeah, there's a job seminar I'm going to on Monday. Feeling excited about it, but not trying to get too excited about it because there's such a big demand for people wanting to work for Apple. I dunno, I think I'm really qualified for one of the positions, but trouble is I'm not really interested in the rest of the positions - mostly because I'm either not qualified enough to do the job or I'm not okay with part-time. I'll have to punch up the resume this weekend along with working like crazy on this one wedding that's due next Wednesday.

I have to pee.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

You know, I forgot all about posting about it.

It went well. My wife had to work pretty much most of the day, but I got up with the kids, who were already up and hyper since 7 in the morning, and so she got to sleep in. She had already gotten her present a few days prior - a watch to replace her goofy reflective one. But when she came down, I told Zoe to wish my wife a Happy Mother's Day, and she said she'd be right back, and went upstairs. I was a little confused what she was doing, so I followed her upstairs.

It's gone, she said, after peeking in the laundry basket. Then I realized what a smart little girl Zoe was. The night before, I told the kids right before they went to bed that tomorrow was Mother's Day, and the card was for Mommy. I gave them heart stickers to affix all over the card, and maybe mentioned it in conversation a few more times after that. I placed the card in the laundry basket for the moment while I tucked them in, but I was surprised that Zoe had remembered it the next day. So I was pretty impressed. Then I gave a box of chocolates to Alex for him to give to Mom, but I think once he saw the chocolates he didn't care who they were for and why they were for her, but he just wanted in on some of that chocolate action.

My mom came home later in the afternoon and then we went out to dinner that night at a Chinese restaurant in Bellevue. I'm usually not very picky about food choices, but two of the dishes she ordered was just drowning in shrimp. And not the usual, fried yummy shrimp that is peppered in Chinese food, these two dishes were literally engulfed in fishy smelling shrimp. Like the little fuckers just staged a coup and overtook the dish. So I had to order another dish that I could eat. Even today, my mom couldn't stomach the leftovers because it was too shrimped out.

But funny thing was, she brought home a Target ad yesterday and told me that she didn't want a potrait of herself as she hinted for her birthday, no, she wanted the camera in the Target ad. So after the dinner, we went to Target, picked up the camera for her birthday present (which she is already using, since she needs one for her trip), and it's a pretty sweet camera. It's a point and shoot Nikon, and I kinda missed having a camera that I use could the LCD to shoot, have a movie mode, and just pocket around without having a friggin' 5 pound rig hanging from your neck. But after playing with the camera a bit, I realized why I invested in a DSLR. Point and shoot cameras do exactly what they're supposed to do, and my DSLR does what it's supposed to do. Take shots that drop jaws, yo.

Stressed and Ranting

Yeah, this is one of those ranting posts about how everything is too much for me to bear, so I shall instead be a badger.

Final Cut Pro is a great program. It's very versatile, smart, and once you've mastered it you just can't do without it. Anyway, I've been using FCP3 since it was trendy, about 4 years ago or something. They're on FCP 5 now, and they don't even sell the program as its own. It's a whole suite with different programs bundled in now. Anyway, when I got it to run on OS 9, I was happy to have it run through the different variations of OS X. And it still works as a whole, except once in a while it runs into a memory jam. I believe it's something to do with how the OS used to handle the app's memory and how it has problems allocating the memory to OS X. Anyway, this recently has become a fat problem for me because due to a plethora of issues, I've had to import wedding footage from iMovie (that's a no-no since you have to rerender the audio and it's a huge waste of friggin' time,) and the problems have increased tenfold from there. The workaround the dropped footage has turned into a experiment in how much abuse I can take. A simple wedding to edit has become me sitting at my desktop, rendering a handful of clips at a time, then rebooting the program before it crashes, and then doing it again and again. ARGH. It's not important to anyone else, really. It's just what's bugging me.


So the other day I was driving my mom to the doctors when I noticed my wedding ring was gone. I went home, looked in sinks and then told my wife that it was missing. It had popped off a few times before, but not often enough for me to worry about it. But since I had no idea where or when I lost the ring, it was tough to even get started looking for it. My wife said to just wait a few weeks and see what happens. And sure enough, my Mom was putting Zoe in the car yesterday and she saw it on the floor of the car. I dunno, I wasn't thinking too much about the significance of it being that the ring was just an inexpensive one we picked up, and I think I was always hoping that one day I was in a position to upgrade our rings to something fancier. But my Mom said that you only have one wedding ring, and she was right. I'm glad it's back on my finger. It was feeling a bit weird without one. But you know, when it was still missing, you couldn't even see the identation that a wedding ring usually causes on a finger. That's how loose the ring was. If I shake my left hand hard enough, it would probably fly off and blind a nun. Because I'm just surrounded by nuns constantly.


Potty training for Alex is kicking our asses. Boy doesn't really care for it, doesn't matter that he's just wearing diapers and pants, he just goes. Sigh. We implemented a new strategy today - we converted the whole house into a big bathtub with multiple drains.

No, we just took a different approach to it. We told him that if he peed or pooped in his pants, he'd have to take off his pants himself, wipe his own bottom, then wash his hands. Boy, he isn't happy with any of that. But after being so stubborn for so long, and treating potty time as a prolonged joke, it's time for him to understand the core reason why he needs to go to the potty. Not to appease us or to amuse us, but because of a practical reason - to avoid being messy. Hasn't really gone anywhere with this yet, and I don't know if the message is coming through, but our laundry sure has piled up.


Working on my website - not this one of course, but one that encompasses all my creative work from years ago. I actually already have one for my production company, but since it's not a certified production company (and I think it's actually taken since then) and no one can steal my name, I just thought I'd stick it all under my website.

It's interesting to go back and look at some of the materials from my work - I had forgotten about some of the production photos and the stupid ass storyboards I drew - but it makes me really miss the process. And now I'm not even sure when I'll be able to get working on another project. I dunno, it's still under tons of construction, but if you're interested to look at it, it's under my name. I'm egotastic like that.


After using my yahoo for so long, I decided to try iGoogle for my "personalized" web hub, further enpowering the company to someday own my everloving soul. It's not bad, updates are a bit more frequent than yahoo, and since I use gmail, it certainly is more useful to glance how unpopular I really am. It's got some cool "gadgets" that you can even personalize - for instance, you can create a photo gadget from your own photos so that someone else who uses iGoogle who is stalking you can see your photos everyday. Or your RSS feed.