Saturday, January 24, 2009

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This is blurry, but very description of their relationship with each other.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


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A Good Family Day

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Told myself I wasn't going to wait all day to post about yesterday because the details never fail to escape me, but here we are again.

Anyway, I thought to myself a few days ago how we haven't been to something as a family in quite some time, something kid-oriented and fun like. Because the year before we raided through the Entertainment book and pretty much did everything under the sun, last year we didn't hit the kid venues as much because it was still so fresh in my mind. Initally I'd thought we hit the Science Center and the Children's Museum inside the Seattle Center, but we simply stuck to the Science Center because there just wasn't that much time.

So we got there at around noon or so, and noticed that it was pretty quiet around Seattle Center. It was rather cold out as well, hanging around the high 30s I would imagine. We started off with "Dinosaurs Alive 3D", an Imax movie that I thought the kids might enjoy. Well, I was half right, while Zoe started off not sure but warmed up to it, Alex hyped himself into a frenzy, afraid that the dinosaurs might pop out and become real, and started crying. Once the movie started, he just began whimpering and my wife had to take him out of the seat and to the back of the theater. Luckily he calmed down back there, so she was able to see most of the movie. Alex hid through the scary parts, but like the bits where the scientist study the landscape and there were no dinosaurs.

We had lunch first at the Seattle Center, and we foolishly duplicated clamstrips for the both of us instead of splitting different orders. So there was that, and then I decided to get the orange juice which was cheaper than pop for the adults, and lemme tell you, OJ and clams are a wicked combination. And by wicked I mean it was absolutely horrid. Then I reckoned that we might improve on the aftertaste by getting mochas. Yeah, my mouth was having all sorts of new experiences.

The Science Center was pretty cool because it was the first time we didn't feel rushed throughout the visit. There were no schoolkids at there, just a handful of families with their preschool kids and toddlers. So we didn't get pushed around, didn't have to wait much, it was really pretty nice. The kids were well behaved, and we went home and watched "Horton Hears a Who?" for the first time since we watched it in the theatre. And we have some photos including our nice little photo booth souvenir.


In other news, I finished Bioshock and I was thoroughly impressed. The Rescue ending was a touching ending, and I immediately wanted to play it again, which I did a little tonight.

Also, there's a slight mystery about work, which I won't elaborate right now. It happened a little fast and I'm a little blindsided by it, and I don't even really know what the hell it is. Hmm. More on that when I know more.