Friday, July 2, 2010

Shiny Ass Example

I think perhaps the biggest downfall to being a parent isn't the financial burden or the lack of free time - it's the fact that you have to be a Shiny Ass Example for them to follow. There's a load of people that comes to mind that don't observe this detail, and it doesn't seem to bother them - all the power to them. Unfortunately for me, it's a naggy thing that hangs over me. Am I setting a good example for my kids? Often not. If they based their personalities on me, they would be impatient, quick tempered, and sleepy all the time. Right now the current crisis is that Alex is obsessed with video games. I know I am, and I want more time to play them and love to lose hours to it, but Alex seems to want to take after that. I told him it wasn't a problem if it was part of his life, but he obsesses over them. When he's not playing them, he wants to read manuals and look at the box art. He'll keep looking at the clock for videogame time. He'll talk about what he wants to play hours before. It isn't healthy. I mean, I feel like I've chosen my path to be a gamer with no social life, but he needs to at least explore having a social life. There's a lot of things to see outside that 40 inch television set. So I have to be a Shiny Ass Example and refrain from videogames. Which sucks. I should "go to work" and go play videogames.

Anyway, wasn't really looking to buy anything in particular when we went shopping, but the price of DJ Hero jumped out at me. I think it originally retailed for 120 when it came out last holiday season, and for 40 bucks, it was the sweet spot I needed it to be. Even at 60 or 50 bucks I might have reconsidered, but 40 was a done deal. My impressions of it are rather positive, it's got fun music with a generous amount of hip-hop, R&B, rap, and some rock, and it's got lots of stuff going on to keep these fingers busy. So it's good.

Got a couple nuggets of financial windfall, with a returned check from the hospital and some pay merit and bonuses from work. Sweet. We're not really spending it aside from the DJ Hero, but that's fine for me. The only other thing that I really want this year is Rock Band 3. I'm narrow minded in that respect.

This business of archiving my videos is interesting to say the least. I've forgotten how much video I've taken and video is this strange perspective because it is exclusive to me - in that everything that was captured on video was at one time, what I viewed. So it's virtually a visual memory of 10 or so years ago replayed right in front of me. It's great because though the quality is slightly dated, it's still a very nostalgic thing for me to go through the footage. It's safe to say that I have hundreds of hours, what with the personal home videos, the movie projects, and the weddings. Though I haven't imported any of those other projects. Mostly because they had nothing really to do with me. In a personal way anyway.

Summer's been cool so far. At least not having to wear a sweatshirt is somewhat of a plus. I wonder if I really do miss the hot summers.

Watched 2012 with the wife yesterday and we was just a ball of nerves. I think she chipped off all her fingernails. I found it entertaining in a "end of the world" sort of way, although I wondered out loud yesterday if John Cusack has some kind of clause whereby he has to appear in a suit while in a movie. He's always in a black suit and a black tie. It's odd. Kept the Blu Ray another day just to review some of the tragedy. Hey, it's not like it's something you see everyday.