Saturday, November 17, 2007

Under Pressure

One of the great things in life is that sometimes, coincidences come about to verify your state of thinking. It seems that whenever I get really tense and stressed about something, my iPod will just play Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure" to kinda underline the tension that I have bouncing about in my head. So either my iPod has some psychic abilities or... I'm really stressed all the time.

Right now I should be editing my very last wedding but my mind wants to do other things, like play the ever so fun Super Mario Galaxy! I plowed through a couple hours yesterday, just lost in the gameplay that was familiar but so shiny and new at the same time. It was like letting you enjoy an old activity in a whole new different galaxy, as it were. The kids really enjoy watching it too, though I doubt they would get a chance to play it because the learning curve is a little steep if you didn't grow up with Mario. But man, is it fun.

I had downloaded Super Mario 2 and 3 from the virtual console to get ready for Galaxy, and I've always liked 2 for some odd reason, even though it's a tough one to play, but what's more surprising is how well I remember 3. I never owned a NES when I was a kid, just spent a lot of time playing at my friend's Patrick's house. From level one, I just remembered where the flutes were, the secret stuff was, all that. A lot of it came back to me pretty naturally, so that was a bit surprising.

I do have a couple pieces of odd media that I have to post, if I find the time and gumption. Other than that, just waiting for Thanksgiving whereby there could be quite a number of people coming for dinner, since we do have two frozen turkeys and a microphone.


The job end is going pretty well, I have my days whereby I want to just slap everyone I work with, and some days whereby I do enjoy working with them. But I'm on the verge of being permanent, and it was quite nice to hear that my boss and the HR rep had actually revised my proposal for hiring in order to accomodate the pay bump that I had requested. I had felt like I pulled enough weight around there to warrant a higher starting wage then they offered, so I sheepishly asked for it in a hemming and hawing way.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Disney on Ice

While hunting for a skating rink a while back, I saw that there were tickets for Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes on sale, so I got the cheap seats (cheap meaning after everything, it was 81 bucks) to go. But anyway, we went on Friday night and here's the recap.

First things first, driving to Everett on a Friday evening is murder. Driving especially after 10 hours of work is just murderous torture. When I get tired, my equilibrium gets thrown off and I actually get a little car sick, so that was starting to get to me a little - but it took over an hour just to get there. But after a trip to Jack in the Box and looking for parking, we walked with the hordes of children to the Arena - and when we got in, the place was crawling with kids. And kiosks peddling overpriced Disney toys. They had a ton of girls' toys, but only one sword for boys, and it was running 16 bucks. So we compromised and got the kids each a Disney mug with a sno-cone, and then found our spot and watched the performance.

Lemme tell you, screw being a rock star, if you're a Disney character and you show up, all the kids go wild. The screaming and excitement that explodes from the crowd is something to behold. Characters like Mickey and Sebastian got huge applause, and with scenes acted out from the movies and acrobats, great sets, and minor pyrotechnics, it was certainly something worth going to.

The look on the kids faces were pretty fun too, they went from elated to somewhat surprised to "my brain is fried, can I go home now?" But all in all, it was quite fun. Made me think about planning a trip to Disneyland in a year or two.


On the job front, I didn't get offered the sales job that I applied for, so I'll probably just take the one job that I'm doing now in a permanent basis. I was really hoping that it would go the other way, but I suppose I'll have to take what I can get.

Speaking of work, here's an incident that happened that irked me to no end. I was standing in line for the breakfast buffet at work, which was a precursor to the meeting that was going to happen right after. So I started up the PSP, and the guy in front of me turned around to see what I was doing.

"Just maximizing my time," I offered.

"You know, those things corrode your brain," he blurted, which caught me off guard. "According to the Christian right, violence in games will make people more violent."

At that point, the air was thick with irony as I wanted to kick him in the ear. I didn't say anything to that, and after a beat, he tried to further the conversation, perhaps to avoid seeming like a meddling, rude, inappropriate prick.

"Do they have Halo for that?"

"No, they didn't license that for Playstation," I replied, hinting at the that ignorant pedestal he was talking from.

And then I had to stand in line behind him some more, thinking about all the comebacks that I should've said.