Wednesday, August 8, 2007

So last night I had a series of dreams, and it had to do with schooling. I had somehow signed on for eight classes, most of which had to do with literature, writing, and a Muggles class. I'm not even all that into Harry Potter, never read any of the books but have watched the movies with a meh reaction to each of them, but it somehow smuggled itself into my dreams. I was in line trying to withdraw from one of the classes at 5pm, which was a little much for me. I explained to the registrar that I had a 2 and 3 year old, so I couldn't do it all.

Anyhow, I always have this anxiety about not being able to find my classes on the first day, looking around the huge campus and trying to remember which floor, which door, which teach I'm supposed to go to. Anyway, this was no exception in my dream, except the campus was even bigger since the mall had acquired a huge chunk of it. So it was like a multi-story mall with a campus attached to it. Sweet and scary at the same time.

But ultimately, I did wake up with a pretty good feeling because despite the social chaos that was schooling for me, it was a time of hope, dreams, learning, and inspirations. Everyone was going to be someone, whereas my current situation, everyone already is who they're going to be, which is a bit stifling for me.


So the Mac event was yesterday, and it was a bit blah. I mean, even the presentation was held in a smallish room where the audience was subdued and really up close. I chose to not watch the stream like I usually do, since the facts are all pretty much there. New iMacs look nice, and thinking about upgrading to iLife '08, although iPhoto would be the only real reason why I'd do it. The iMovie improvement is cool too, though it's more in line with a move toward more pro control, nothing I can't already do on some level or another.


One of the games that I do with the kids is I'll ask them, "Hey, where do Woka Woka come from?" And they'll say, "Woka Woka comes from you!" And I'll go Woka Woka on them, doing some kind of tickling/nuzzling craziness on them. Writing this in case I've forgotten in the future.


Noted on the Guitar Hero endorsement there, Atom. Though I don't know what I would do with the flippin' guitar when I'm not playing with it. By the way, I found you on MySpace because I'm watching you. From inside your house. Dah Dah Dahhhhh!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Money Buys More Stuff. Now if only Stuff meant Happiness.

This is certainly not news to anyone with common sense, but we tend to fill our lives with material things that we hardly need in order to feel better about ourselves, and I am most certainly not an exception. In fact, I'm in this permanent full acquisition mode whenever there's a little room in the budget. I know that I really should save the money and do something useful with it, but there are just so many times when I make myself believe that if I have something - it will somehow magically make my life so much better.

This weekend was no exception - since I've been working, our budget has doubled, which is a good thing because we are getting the medical bills taken care of finally. I can write full checks to take care of it instead of weird partial ones. And also we can get necessities like jeans for our growing boy and whatnot. But along with that, I got myself a few things this weekend, just to console myself that even though my job is ultimately meaningless and my contributions are nothing unique in nature, I still have cool shit that makes me happy - at least for a little bit.

I got Cooking Mama for the DS, which is a fun little game that allows me to cook these dishes using my stylus - a fun little activity type game with no storyline whatsoever, but a great way to unwind and it gives me a false sense of accomplishment, cooking these virtual meals that I can only look at. I also got a wireless gamecube controller for the Wii, which allows me to play with my Wii untethered. The Wiimote's got me spoiled.

On the semi-productive spending side, I also invested in an alternative for a PSP. I got the Kinoma Player for my Palm Tungsten E2, which has been gathering dust because I haven't had new businesses, and I've avoided it because the flash drive or something in it whines at a very high pitch. It actually bothers me on some days. Anyway, with the Kinoma Player and the iSquint that I use to compress youtube videos, I spent most of this morning figuring out the magic compression stats to fit podcasts on my Tungsten, so that I can watch video on the go. It's not the ideal quality, since the stupid Tungsten's only running 200 mhz, but it'll do. It might just quell my need for a PSP. Might.

Oh, and hilarity in the fact that I actually bought a belt without trying it on. So it looks like I'll have to lose some weight after all because I'm already on the last notch and it's pretty darn tight.


I was just thinking the other night that I'm glad that I changed the format from baby journals to just me talking about whatever, because I'm realizing that not a lot of people actually read this blog. And since I'm not really doing this for anyone else but myself, that's okay with me. I'd hate to really watch what I write and have no one care what I write about in the first place. Of course, it's not like I'm about to disclose my plans for world domination either.


Zoe's picking up potty training pretty diligently, she even went so far as to take off her own shorts and sit on the potty without prompting, which is like eons above Alex. Alex is immensely stubborn about it, and a lot of times he still needs to be asked if he needs to go. Zoe's sounding off when she needs to, so she's basically done in a week what it took the boy months to master.

Speaking of which, Alex has been a little difficult as of late, having an attitude and being way too crazy to be normal. He's responding to our requests at his own pace, and he's bullying Zoe in subtle manners that he thinks we don't pick up. Not that Zoe doesn't have her behavioral issues - she's as stubborn as a mule in cement, but at least she's not constantly a handful. Alex is just very difficult to stay home with, go out with, and sometimes even talk to. I was just mentioning to my wife that we've got to be stricter and firmer with him, but at the same time give him equal if not more love to balance that out.

Yesterday he refused to leave the playground and my wife said, "Ok, bye, Alex!" and started to walk away. Alex yelled out, "You can't leave me! You love me!" Which was pretty funny, though I'm not sure what the other parents must have thought.


Yesterday we were at Best Buy, and I've always wanted to try Guitar Hero, but at this second attempt, I know that I either have to forget about ever playing the damn game, or just buy it and play it at home. Reason being, it's a different kind of gameplay with a learning curve, since you're using the guitar to play the game. I thought it was as simple as pressing the buttons as the buttons line up, but evidently not. So I end up looking like a monkey's red ass when I press the buttons and nothing happens. And I suck badly in public while the kids in the back of me waiting for their turn laugh and point at the back of my head.