Saturday, May 12, 2007


Haven't written in a while because there's been quite a bit going on. Today for instance, I was pretty much off my feet because I was sick. Again. Bit of a fever, bit of fatigue, and slept through most of the day. Just not feeling all that great. On top of that, there's been extra work because weddings are just popping up left and right.


I met a friend yesterday that I haven't seen in like 12 years, since we both graduated from high school. These days she's busy with her two boys, and just being a stay at home mother. She picked up the conversation pretty easily, and I realized how incredibly rusty my Cantonese was. She didn't speak to me that much in Cantonese, but when she talked to her son I couldn't understand most of it. Yeah, when I can't words to a 4 year old, that probably means I need a bit of help.

But throughout the conversation, I just got that feeling that I was behind in life. Not really got a career going, not really pulling in money to support the family. It was a bit sad. She told me that I looked the same, except for my facial hair, which she didn't like all that much. I guess I'm not catching any breaks from the Asian community. We had to leave after about 2 hours because the kids hadn't eaten lunch, but it was a good meeting.


I had a stroke of bummer luck for a bit, just getting overwhelmed with work and then having not very good nights with the kids. Allergy season's kicking off so there's been some times whereby I'm either knocked out by the medication which gives me a serious fatigue problem, or I'm sneezing my head off.

But the other night, oddly enough after office hours, I got an email from Apple asking me if I wanted to go to a job seminar. I had applied months before, so it was a little surprising hearing about it. Did some homework about it, and I'm still far away from an actual job offer, so I'm not going to jinx it. The seminar isn't till the end of the month, and details are still non-existant. But I'm pretty excited.


We watched "Night at the Museum" with the kids tonight, and Alex really enjoyed the dinosaur. Zoe got a little bored and she was climbing all over the couch. The kids were up a bit later than usual, but I think they really enjoyed the movie.

Okay, I'm not as clear minded as I thought I was.