Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Yesterday was the kind of day which really should have been ordinary, but it started off with a shocker. When I took Monday off, there was only one shipper there and by Tuesday, he has managed to get himself fired. I was actually quite bummed because he was fun to talk to - he had some funny stories but he also got a lot of my jokes, which at my workplace, is kinda a big deal. Interesting tidbit is that another coworker later told me that he was actually here illegally, and then that made it more interesting. There were certain parts of his life that made little sense, and his resident status explained some of it, but opened up more answers. Anyway, that basically meant that since I've started there last July, I've been the only new shipper they haven't fired. That bummed me out the whole day.

When I got home, my wife and I got swept up in The Mystery of the Beeping Smoke Detector. We searched high and low trying to follow them beeps emitting, stood below all the different detectors and even disconnected a few. It took almost an hour before we realized that it was the CO2 detector behind the couch and not the ceiling mounted ones that we've been staring at.

Later that evening, we took the kids to the library to attend a neighborhood meeting, since 7 houses had been broken into in the last two weeks. We got more detailed info and it did provide some slight relief. Only one of the houses had anything taken from it, it happened at night when nobody was home, and it sounds mostly like amateur hour, probably kids looking for a thrill.

Today's been a little worse, whereby my newish coworker has just been irritating me. He acts like he owns the place, talks about things he doesn't know about, and throws his misguided ego trying to impress my new line leader. Even sadder, it does work on her. Anyhow, I shudder against the notion that he will stay for a while, because I don't think he's worth any of the praise that's been showered on him.

Either comcast or my router is affecting my broadband goodness, so gladfully I still have my phone for emailing, blogging, and contact with the outside world.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Easters one of those holidays that we celebrate for the festivity of it, devoid of its intended meaning. Even though we didn't go visit the Easter Bunny at the mall for a $60 potrait, we did have a couple egg hunts and tremendous amounts of candy. We did go to a church, but it wasn't for the religious service. They had inflatables at this super church, which had themed rooms, a gymnasium, a coffee stand, and there was probably a Sunglasses Hut in there somewhere. But man, churches have gotten slick since the grassroots type functions that I used to attend. Now they look like business conventions with branded posters and catchy slogans. But the easter activities were quite fun for the spawn, its carnival type environment was done very well. They even had a go around type ride for the kiddies.

Yesterday morning the kids awoke to find eggs strewn about the house, much to their absolute delight. Of course that coupled with Super Smash Bros Brawl and Alex is essentially the happiest clam on the beach. We didn't do any egg dyeing for some reason, perhaps next year we might get to it.

Taking another day off today, and completely draining all my personal time off. So yeah, I used all my vacation hours before my actual vacation. But in my defense, the company plans on killing us with overtime the rest of March and April, doing 58 hours a week once production starts up again. I expect to be pretty cranky. Maybe turn into a cannibal and prey on rude people, start by chewing on their lips so I don't have to hear them complain.