Friday, May 23, 2008

Look, I'm alive!

After the second attempt, we did manage to shock the car back to life
although we are still unclear what sucked the life out of it in the
first place. But I'm just happy there was no towing fees to speak of,
and the car seems to be okay for now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Got out of work early today but certainly not for the fun reasons. The wife's car decided to die at the library parking lot, where I'm sitting now, so I had to split from work to help jump the car. We couldn't get the stalled car to go to neutral (which I just solved thanks to my sidekick's internet and my car manual. It's called a "shift lock"), and then when we hooked up the car, we just weren't getting enough juice to get the stally going. So the wife took the working car to pick up Alex, and I'm sitting here in the gimpy car waiting for the chance of another jump. At least the stupid car isn't in park another. Thankfully we are taking a rental to vacation. Otherwise I would be having a major bovine right about now.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bunk Bed

DSC_1841, originally uploaded by diegomcnamara.

My muscles are sore, my thumb is messed up, and I still have a wood splinter in my foot because of you. Damn bunk bed.

Screen cap from "Monster Camp"

brendan, originally uploaded by diegomcnamara.

This is from Apple's trailer website, it's an indie film about World of Warcraft folks who go all out in their obsession. Anyway, I saw this and was surprised because I used to work with this guy and talk to him (still do when I see him.) Anyway, there's even a shot of him in his Freddy's monkey suit working in toys. He doesn't work there anymore.

Cats and their evil deeds

"Wilbur locked me in the bathroom," Zoe told me this morning.

"He didn't lock you in the bathroom," I reassured. "He can't reach it."

"No, yesterday," she added.

"Wilbur didn't lock you in the bathroom, he's just a cat."

"No, yesterday."

"Zoe, he doesn't have opposable thumbs, he has paws. Besides, the bathroom only locks from the inside, he can't lock you in from the outside."

"No," insisted Zoe. "Wilbur."