Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting Ready... For Hell!

Somehow while I was getting ready for the day, I was thinking about what a freewheeling code of ethics that I have to live by. In a way, I do envy the religious folks who have a predetermined path to follow in life, that even the consequences are spelt out for you. Was listening to This American Life a while ago about this pastor who stopped believing in Hell. Still loved and believed in God, his Word, the way of life... just not eternal purgatory. He didn't believe that God would cast innocent children who never even had the chance to read the Bible into Hell. I'm sure there was some footnote about Innocents, but that was akin to the line of logic I've subscribed to, in that the judgmental, exclusive sinning Christians will still get a free pass as the decent Middle Eastern merchant who believes in a different God but had lead a righteous life will be cast into Hell.

My original point is that I find myself constantly having to determine what the right thing to do is, since I didn't have a father nor a religious background to guide my actions. I try to follow the straight path, and of course it forks into some casual indifference, some selfishness, even some ethically gray spots, but I always have to catch myself and snap back to what I perceive to be the righteous path.

Then I washed my face and hair and was back to worrying about how my hair looked.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Roku Player is Awesomer than Rainbows!

Got the Roku Player in the mail and hooked it up rather quickly, and it's just amazing. The picture quality is great over Wi-Fi, and we've already caught some Pink Panther and the kids are watching Astroboy now. I also consumed some 30 Rock accidently. Personally, I can't wait to watch Man on Wire and some other really good stuff, including rewatching No Country for No Men and lots of other films. I have 98 movies and series in the queue. I'll be busy for a while...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week in Review

Watching a Blu Ray of Chicago (with Earth, Wind and Fire) and reading about them in Wikipedia and I'm actually quite impressed. I think in a lot of ways the Beatles had to disband in order to achieve their immortality because otherwise they would just be going on and on like Chicago, which has gone through different band members and now is still considered a classic superband, but not quite cemented in music history like the Beatles. Of course, their soft rock adult contemporary playlist wouldn't have qualified them for rock god status, but they're still pretty impressive.

So the week has been pretty low key, just going through the motions of the week. I did get in a little jam with the bosses, evidently I really have to start training my fellow team members on everything I know, so that any of them could do what I do with no assistance. I did a little, but then when I got my hands dirty with work, I was told to delegate it to someone else. So this next week will be my week of putting my hands in my pockets and being a supervisor of sorts. That should be fun since it's completely contradictory with my personality.

No one can rock the flute and keytar like Chicago, dude.

Anyway, been putting a lot of thought into the Roku Player, a set top box that allows you to stream some Netflix to your TV. I currently have Blockbuster Online, so it's just a matter to switching over to Netflix, and plunking down a C note for the player itself. Then after that, other than maintaining a Netflix account, there's no cost to streaming movies and TV shows. That sounds really nice, and of course, if I had an Xbox 360, or a fast computer, I wouldn't need the box, but it's a great alternative to watching shows that I normally wouldn't put on my queue, like the foreign movies or certain TV series. I'm inches away from reaching for that debit card.

The temps have dipped enough to have snow flurries outside, so we're up in the air about going to the Lion Dance at the Bellevue Uwajimaya. It would be fun, but if it's freezing outside I don't know if we'll be up to it. Playing it by ear.

Been trying to get into Facebook a little more, since that's more of a nice social gathering there than my blog. It's a monologue with the blog, and I'm finding out more of my friends are talking with each other on Facebook, so it's good incentive to jump on board. Never really got into Myspace because of the annoying ads, the blaring soundtracks and the tacky, tacky, tacky clipart and graphical overload. Facebook has its issues with the apps, but overall it is a lot cleaner and mature social networking site.

Oh, the job mystery thing is still mostly a mystery. I hear rumors that engineering has a bit of a crush on me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to the prom.

What's Awkward?

When your Dad invites you to a Dating Network.