Sunday, May 10, 2009

5/11 post

I am either getting less sensitive and forgetting all the major holidays, or I'm just majorly lame. Anyway, Mother's day kinda crept up on me and here I am, sitting in a diner I'm reluctant to sit in, but the kids are late for dinner and at least they seem to be having fun decorating their fold-up plane with stickers while I'm sitting here mentally balancing my checkbook.

This afternoon we did break out the bikes and went to Marymoor, which was kinda a nice day for it. I used the trailer bike for Alex, which all in all wasn't too terrible, except there were a couple times when the balance in the back was so off that I almost dropped him. There's likely something still not quite right about my assembly, because sometimes when I take a sharp turn, the trailer grabs my bike seat and twists it off to the side, and suddenly I'm facing at a 45 degree angle while riding forward.

Took my Flip UltraHD to the park and captured some video, and although there is still an obsence amount of camera shake, the color quality is really quite good. It has a good color separation and the colors are rich and vibrant, and even the subtle colors show up as they should. Nothing is too washed out, or the camera doesn't focus on giving one color too much attention and undersaturating the others. It performs really quite impressively.

These past few days I've been feeling a little under the weather, just feeling like someone performed surgery on me and left like a cell phone inside of me. My body temperture is completely out of wack, my body is often too cold and my head is burning up. I've also been afflicted with some major dull headache, also with a little fatigue. But you know, nothing weird coming out of me so I'm assuming that its just allergies and fatigue.