Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Patrick's Day

Actually, the post has nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day, which is today. I just can't think of a title.


So as Dansen noted in the comments, yeah, I've decided to close up shop for weddings because I've no good on the business end of it. Even though the weddings are getting easier and my system of editing has become very streamlined for me to edit through and still be great to watch, I think I'm ready to do the normal clock-in, clock-out deal and leave my work where it has to be. At work. I'm tired of always feeling like I'm behind, and guilty when I'm working that I'm not spending time for myself, vice versa. The money wasn't really doing it either, since upgrading and so forth is going to outweigh the money I keep. Oh well. I really like going to weddings too, but I always get a little nervous myself because I'm always panicking that I'm going to miss something important.

But my thought is to return to some crummy unappreciated job, but at least when I clock out and go home, I can either focus on my artistic junk or spend time with the family, guilt-free.


Watched "Fast Food Nation" yesterday, and boy, it might be a while before I return to McDonalds. I think it's interesting that a lot of us like to be blissfully unaware of where the hell the food comes from. We don't really want to know because we like our lifestyles to continue the way they are. Luckily for me, I never really order the burgers from McDonald's, mostly the nuggets which are "mechanically separated chicken meat held together by phosphate salts," according to Wikipedia. I suppose there's worse things I could be eating.


Yesterday morning, Zoe was sent up to my room to wake me up, and I was actually already awake, but slightly zoned out, laying in bed. She came in the room, lifted up the blanket, and tickled my foot for a second. Then she climbed onto the bed and looked at me, and whispered, "Daddy. Daddy. Wake up." She then scurried out of the room again, but when I stretched, she came in and said hi. Then we chatted for a while, about the animals and vegetables on my pillowcase (don't ask.) and she was looking at my eyes while I was admiring hers, "You got scary eyes, daddy." and she pointed at my nose and said I had a "big pei kol" and she had a "little pei kol". She shared my blanket and we both laid there, just talking about the monkeys on her shirt, the letters on my sweatshirt, and I thought to myself: This is a pretty great way to wake up.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Unfortunately for you, I have Bad Memory Retention

I had this huge life-reaffirming revelation that I was going to share, but since I have forgotten it and replaced it with some random facts about cheese decay, I have this to share instead.

So we watched Borat last night, and I was a little psyched to see it, with all the hype surrounding the comedy. And my response is in no part that I'm 30, and I'm old, and I've got the mentality of an 80 year old. I do have the grouchiness of an 80-year-old, but my comedy will cement itself between the 14 year old and the 30 year old. Anyway, enough with the age analogy. Here's my take on it. I think Sasha Cohen is talented - the man stays in character completely throughout the film, never wavering, the method actor in so many ways. His humor is incisive, daring, bold, fresh, and quite hilarious. However, I think his tactics are highly questionable. He baits the unwitting Americans into "agreeing" with his Antisemitism jabs in an unfair light. The ones that come to mind is the gun and car salesman, both of which are simply trying to make their sale while a camera is shooting. Those guys are simply trying to make a living, and they weren't in any position to really correct a would be customer and jeopardize a sale. If I was trying to sell a Hummer, would I chide a customer who wanted to buy it to plow down people? Probably not.

I think there are different sorts of comedies, and the kind that I prefer is if everyone is in on the joke. A similar film like Jackass sits better with me because despite some flairs of exploiting the general public, these guys are usually just pranking each other or themselves. They don't usually involve unwilling participants to the point of tarnishing their public image.

I was expecting the film to maybe expose some of the hidden prejudices that all of us have inside of us, and I think I didn't like the way it was brought out. The college guys and the rodeo guy probably had it in them, but the other people were pretty much bamboozled. At the end of it, the funniest scene in the whole movie wasn't any ambush on some unsuspecting Americans trying to do their job. It was a hotel fight scene between Borat and his manager.


Oh yeah. So I got a hold of Norton Antivirus, and I ran it on both my Macs. Took the whole day to scan the hard drives, but at the end I found ZERO viruses. Oh yeah. That is why we roll with Apple. Both computers have been active for a year plus, and I'm a web junkie.


Almost done with one wedding, so that's cool. Then it's two more, and I should be done. Until one in April and possibly one in June. Sigh.


Alex's face looks like a minefield. He's got an obsessive personality, and he's scratching his face and it's got wounds on three or four spots that look like the last half of Fight Club, instead of the 1st pretty half that he usually is. Don't know why he's doing it, but I read somewhere that binding his hands together or duct taping his face borders on child abuse.


More later. I'm out of ideas.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

70's Remix

My latest musical cravings has been remixes of 70s songs, like the ones I used to listen on the Classic Rock stations but infused with some mad beats. I provided some links for sharing, they will open up your iTunes app, so don't panic. I haven't bought all of them, but the 30 second preview is pretty cool.

Summer Breeze

Listen to the Music

Ventura Highway

Express Yourself
This is a tough one, because I love the original, the one by N.W.A. and Ice Cube, and this one too. It's just a great song.

I liked this one so much I put it in a wedding. Because I can.