Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Monday, January 12, 2009

This will be my ten min entry since that's all the time I have left on my break.

Anyway, B & M came by and visited on Saturday with their family, immediate and nuclear, and I opened their world with the awesomeness that is Rock Band. The amazing thing is that 2 songs in, M, who is the non-gamer of the duo, asked if they had it for the Wii. I seriously need to reap some commission off my unofficial quest to get everyone into Rock Band. But we had a pretty good time, by the end of the night though, Zoe was complaining about being tired and my brain was tired out. But it was a pretty good weekend because I got to play RB with an online friend and talk movies with him on Friday, meet up with my Bham homies on Sat., and get an hour of driving with Kenneth in Singapore on Sunday. And last night I got bored so I just took a boatload of photos of the kids jumping. I had done stuff like this before, but it was more fun because the kids like to see themselves frozen in midair. Something about that is appealing.

Not much going on at work, which is maddening as usual. It stops feeling like a job and more than some kind of community service/prison sentence. I dunno, perhaps just complaining about work but there's nothing very fulfilling about putting in your time to do something just to fill up the time. Which is what I do a lot.

Well, break's over and so is the post. Just got 2 more hours to paradise.