Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rock Band, Gene Kelly, George Clooney

We were taking it pretty easy today, just hanging around the house and doing some decorating for Halloween. My mother in law came over to help decorate, and like a real man, I simply stood and took pictures. But turns out that my wife wouldn't have wanted me to help anyway, since she had a Halloween vision and I wasn't wise to it. But we had a pretty relaxing day, and then I got really caught up playing Rock Band online with strangers. For some reason, if other people are playing with me, I tend to play better because I don't want to be the one that fails the band.

So dinner was a little late, and after dinner we were listening to my iPod when "Dancing in the Rain" came on. I stopped the song much to the kids protest, since they really like that song. For the longest time they thought it was a Winnie the Pooh song, probably because of the orchestration behind it. I pulled up the clip online and they watched with awe, and Zoe recognized it as tap dancing right away. So they were so in awe that we ended up watching Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelly dancing with Jerry the Mouse, and Zoe was the cutest when she asked, "Why is the room gray?" I had to explain that a long time ago, movies didn't have color. "Oh." she replied. I wondered if she thought that people were gray as well.

After the kids went to bed, I watched a bit of "Doomsday" but stopped when the wife came home, since "Doomsday" was pretty much a boy movie. Then we watched "Leatherheads" with Clooney and it was a pretty fun movie. Clooney doing comedy is always worth a watch, since he really has a knack for it. It wasn't quite as screwball as I'd like it, but it was pretty good. Funny thing was, when I looked it up, the core audience turned out to be 50 to 80 year olds. I guess I do like older movies sometimes.

I've been using to upload videos of Pizza Bento, and it's been a really good experience. It auto-links so that when it posts on my blog, it also creates a link for iTunes to reference. So, goodbye to Vimeo and even Revver. is my new friend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Spent a whole afternoon trying to not be bothered by insane children, and trying not to lose my mind trying to find the right setting for visualhub for the Pizza Bento podcast. I think I may finally have a solution. Of course, I would have to retro convert all the previous episodes. Holy crap, why am I spending so much time on this anyway? Even then, not even sure if it'll fix the problem on Vimeo on audio resyncing. Sigh.

The kids are being a little loco right now. Not quite sure what the deal is, just that they're just hyper, not listening, and flirting with bedroom imprisonment. Alex had a whine fest just now while doing homework, and has been about the same way all week. Double sigh.

Just stepping away from the computer for right now. All that video conversion is enough to make one lose his gourd.