Saturday, June 28, 2008

Seniority with less than a year's experience.

In about a week, I would have been working at my workplace for a full year, though deceptively so since I was a contractor for about half the period. Nonetheless, I have ascended somewhat unwittingly to the "leader" of my shipping department, which is a relatively dubious title since everyone in my section has either been shuffled away or got fired or quit. So basically, I'm the leader just because I'm the only one left. Even the guy who was there before me got moved, much to his disappointment. I didn't really have much to do with it, and it's hard to ignore the productivity of our shipping department since his departure.

Anyway, all this roundabout dealio has to do with my special status. I had to go in today to finish shipping something that was meant for Monday. But you know, it's my department, so that was pretty much my responsibility. And I am just exhausted today. I was a little cranky and out of it the much of today when we went to the Strawberry Festival, where food is obscenely overpriced. With 5 dollars in your pocket though, everything is overpriced. But 15 bucks for a flat of strawberries, and 5 bucks for a corndog? Are you joking? Anyway, I came home and died on the couch, just exhausted from my long work week.

The good news about this week is that I finally received my CD copy of DiskWarrior in the mail, and was able to retrieve my data somewhat from my iBook, so it was 99 dollars well spent. I wasn't quite sure at first because it didn't seem like very good software, and because it can't run natively on the drive it's installed in, and runs better off a CD, it can be a little frustrating trying to figure that out. But the iBook drive is toast, but DW managed to pull all my vacation photos and apps off of there, so it's just sitting there on my external. Rescued from the abyss.

I spent about a couple hours last night disassembling the iBook. Even though there were step by step directions with specific labeling and photos online, it was still a little nerve racking. But everything went well, only had one extra screw that I swear came from nowhere. Now I'm attempting to install some type of OS onto the iBook, seems like all my install disks are either missing or outdated. To my surprise, people have been inside the iBook before and they have messed up a few of the factory installs. About three screws were missing, the shield was a little beaten up, and some of the stuff was obviously moved. Not sure if it was the previous owner or if it was Apple technicians, but that settles the idea that I won't buy a used piece of hardware again.

Allergies have been driving me crazy lately, causing me a lot of grief in my nose and eyes department. Alex is already suffering from some allergies, his eyes itch so he goes on a scratching campaign that ended in him somehow poking his eyeball.

Wanted to mention this dream really fast. The other night I was dreaming that I was in some type of Apple city, whereby the products were abundant and the cit asethetics were very Apple-like, and I didn't think much of it until the whole city turned to the right, as if the whole enviroment around you just took a sharp 90 degree turn. Well, the city was actually mobile in some sense, so it was like some type of floating city or something. Anyway, I decided to travel someplace else, so I took a cable car from Apple City, and went through Qatar, and then to the snowy borders of Manhattan, which I guess looks a lot like Vancouver B.C. I remember trying to take some skyline photos, but the scenery wasn't the typical NY skyline, so I stopped. Before my virtual tour could come to a fantastic end, the alarm sounded and life continued.