Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watching "Miller's Crossing" and I'm pretty sure that I've seen it before, but for some reason I don't remember much of it. Was trying to suck it in through the PSP, but the bad encoding and dropped audio means i'll have to just watch the DVD. Coen brothers are amazing though, their storytelling skills is unparallel as well as their art direction. Its even evident back in the day.

Decided to try a different route with video games. Got a unlimited rental deal with Hollywood video so I can have one game out at a time for as long as I like. Playing Metal Gear 4 and so far, it is pretty fun. I'm not a big stealth kinda guy, but I'm liking it so far. PS3 got a pretty nice upgrade to the video store too, so online rentals on the PS3 is possible.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

There's still something completely gnarly about working 6 days a week at close to 10 hours each shift, leaves me a little destroyed and depressed and fatigued. The other folks at my work tend to have it easier off, since they're just doing some assembly or what have you while we're constantly on our feet, doing lots of lifting and moving. I tend to move like lightning at work, since my new guy is a lot slower but a good worker, and our helper is just plain lazy. Anyhow, it looks to be this schedule for the rest of the month, and there's a sneaky feeling that I could meltdown and kick somebody long before then.

Yesterday we went to the Derby Days fireworks, which is usually the following sunday after Independence Day. The kids got to watch a parade and later in the evening, we walked over to city hall and watched the fireworks from ground zero. It is a lot more intimate than the Bellevue one, whereas one could actually see the shells launching out of the tubes into the air in rapid succession. To smell the smoke and hear the swooshing of the fireworks made it so much cooler, even though by scale its a smaller display. But the kids enjoyed it through their tired, glassy red eyes. But that's the beauty of it all, we simply walked home in 5 minutes after the show.

Not much else going on. My iPod officially died. I'm sure even if I revived the damn thing, it would work for a couple hours, freeze, and fail again. The connector at the bottom of the iPod is also shot, doesn't even recognize the connection half the time. Now, the obvious solution to this would just be to replace it and not blog it to death, but they should be having an iPod refresh in September, and I'd hate to be left out of new features on more hard drive. My traditional thinking was the classic iPod which is 250 bucks and 80 gigs, instead of the 199 bucks with the measley 8 gigs. But after this experience, there is something to be said about a flash drive versus a traditional hard drive with moving parts. So, depending on circumstances, i'll probably lean toward the nano. Or the touch, if money was flowing out of my ears.

So I've been winging my podcast listening by using my phone. There's only a 2 gig card in there, so its a little limited, and since there's no syncing, I have to drag and drop via a slow USB connection, which sucks. But my phone has been game for this, and being able to delete podcasts that I've heard and search by text what I like to listen to, that's been nice.

Well, I am itching to buy something. Time to check out the circulars.