Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meet Garnette

DSC_4577, originally uploaded by diegomcnamara.

The new granddaughter!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Opted not to do anything at all today, patterns seems to be if I do something with the family during the day, I expect to have time alone at night, which never pans out. So I figure I might as well spend the whole day doing nothing, expecting nothing, and I'm just well rested for the whole day. Besides, they're talking a 60 hour week this week, so the rest will do me good.

Been playing around with my Nano, except it'll serve me better in active duty. I'll do without my PSP for a few days and see how I dig the video on the Nano. Discovered through the Harmonix website that they made Phase for the iPod, which is basically a Rock Band/Beats/rhythum based game for the iPod. It can use songs from your own playlist as well, but the app seems a tad buggy for now, and the Nano is small to look at, and small to play on. Time waster no doubt.

Dug up the bubble gun and they seem to be having a ball with it, though Zoe usually gets way less mileage out of toys. She wants to indulge in the social side of playing whereas Alex is like his Daddy, all about the tech.

So last night despite my wife's advice, I stuck both kids in the same bath while I spaced out on my iPod outside the bathroom. During dimsum Zoe told on me, and then tell my wife that she was playing with Alex's "peanut". Then he said that it tickled. Then immediately I felt like the worst parent in the whole galaxy. Nothing like treading the waters of sexual innocence in your own gene pool.