Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Anniversary to Me!

17 years ago today, came to the States. I always make a semi-deal about it, even though it really doesn't mean a whole lot. I'm like Horatio Alger except I haven't really done anything with my life.


Last night, I became the last adult in the world to finally watch E.T. I've always known how good it was going to be, and I knew enough about the movie to know that characters' names in it, the actors in it, and an assorted smattering of trivia like Reeses Pieces being replaced after M&M's forbid the use of their candies, or that guns were digitally replaced in the reissue a few years ago.

If you were watching the movie with me, you could tell my reaction by the number of times I was wiping the tears away from my face, but even before the weepie ending, I was already won over by the steady direction of Spielberg, who used restrain and style so wonderfully to tell the story. The script was also awe aspiring - it never pandered to the audience, cheesed up to win over laughs, or took any cheap efforts to please anyone despite being a very pleasing movie. It treated the characters with the wonderment and respect that I haven't seen in a family movie, probably ever. And John Williams. That man is a musical god. The music fits the movie so perfectly throughout, without standing out, but during the major scenes like the bicycle chase scene or the ending, the music rouses up emotions that literally forces your body to react. And also, the actors were great. It's interesting to note that the day before, we had watched Music and Lyrics with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, and I think a huge part of Drew's appeal, especially after watching E.T., is that she really hasn't changed much. That's not like her acting hasn't matured, but Drew today definitely has the same kind of sparkle, energy, and soul that she had when she was six. But Henry Thomas holds his own, no problem. The whole movie was just a fantastic experience. The kids liked the movie too - they were spouting out story theories throughout the movie, like, "E.T. wants to see her Mommy, huh?"

I just don't know if the kids will watch it for a while. I can barely handle it myself.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Blood

Well, that's the movie I decided to have going on in the background while I blog. Speaking of which, I saw a clip of the newest Rambo movie that is still in production, and it's got a lot of jaded action fans actually excited. Mostly because it's forgone the whole PG13 route and dove right back into the excess of the 80s. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out in the theatres.


First off, there's the huge photo post. I chose Flickr over Twango this time because... well, honestly, Flickr gets a lot more traffic and Twango is sort of limited. But lo and behold, the long awaited photos of me with my little bitty facial hair. I've since shaven for that job seminar, even though I didn't really need to.


This surfaced on Friday or Saturday, and I'm delighted about the whole thing. Evidently a kind of flash mob, these guys dressed up as zombies and stormed a mall in San Francisco, attacking even the Apple Store. Well, most places weren't too happy about these guys, but the folks at Apple didn't mind much, even trying to take some photos themselves for their own amusement. That's pretty cool of them.


So my wife and I were at the mall eating at this pseudo Italian cafe, when I noticed that Robert Mak, the newsguy from King 5, was eating at the table behind us with his wife and baby girl. Oddly, this would be the second time I've seen him in person. The first time was years ago, when I was at an Asian American Journalist dinner. I was introduced to him and I thought to myself then - he's shorter than me. But anyway, throughout the whole thing, he was either not recognized or not bothered. I guess being a newsperson isn't really the same as being a movie star, but it was still interesting to see semi-famous people.


Alex plays on the DS while on the potty, as seen in the photo, right? Anyway, he's got Mario 64 on the DS, and I haven't gotten too far in the game, but you know, a good amount. I'm always worried that he will accidently erase some data, as he has done in my Mariokart. So I duplicated 3 save files, in case he gets a little tap happy. Well, you guessed it. He managed to delete all three save files. Grumble.


Wow, David Caruso's in First Blood. Cool.


So the job seminar is officially a week ago, and they had mentioned that they were going to contact us either way later last week. I've been obsessed about getting that phone call all this time. Everytime the phone rings, I look to see who's on caller ID. Last night I even looked through my caller ID on my freakishly cool cell phone in my dream, to see if they called. Anyway, I'll likely be looking for jobs tomorrow, to stave off my obssession about it.

Well, I had more in my head when I started, but First Blood is more interesting than I expected. Hmm.


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Dance of the Nudist

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